I s Obama the Child of an African American Father or of an African Father?

In Uncategorized on March 18, 2008 at 8:25 am

Online NewsHour: Newsmaker Interview Candidate Interview: Barack Obama March 17, 2008 PBS

You know Obama referred to his father as African American in this interview with Gwen Eifel. I don’t think that he should refer to his father as Afrian American becuase he was not. He was African. If anyone doubts the difference enter the academic world as an African American and view how native African’s are treated compared to you. If anyone has further doubts talk to an African and ask him how he identifies himself, he will say that he is Nigerian, Ghanian, Ethiopian, Kenyan, etc. but definitely not African American. The strange thing about this whole situation is African Americans have allowed Obama to come and take as his birth right what should be the first African American president who comes from the legacy of segregation and slavery in their blood lines. Obama is not the descendant of African slaves who came here in shackles or even in Colin Powell’s case came somewhere in the diaspora in shackles. Obama does not carry this legacy. African Americans in the United States have allowed their ;legacy and rights to be stolen.

Finally, I don’t know if Obama has deliberately or calculatingly called his father African American (just words) or if he uses it interchangeably with black. He’s suppossed to be a clever guy he’s running for president and based on his history of deceit in this campaign I’m pretty sure he kmew what the words meant.


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