The professional way to protect a marriage | Minette Marrin – Times Online

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The professional way to protect a marriage | Minette Marrin – Times Online

This article argues as I did earlier to some point that a prostitute is way better than a mistress. It has some points that I agree with and some that I disagree with. One of the points that I strongly disagree with is that the woman Elliott Spitzer was with was beautiful and hot, with the money she was getting to be a prostitute she desperately needed to have paid for a nose job. Her nose is about to eat up her face. I fail to see how anyone paying for sex could deposit 4500 dollars for this woman. She is a female version of Bruce Bigelow – Female. Elliot Spitzer has been definitely canoodled.

In addition this young woman states on herMy Space Profile that she has previously abused drugs. I am sensing a pattern here with drug abusers they state that they have previoulsy abused drugs to signal other users that they want and need other drugs (Obama). In any event whoever was running the prostitution ring needs to be prosecuted to the highest extent, for $1000.00 or more an agency ought to guarantee that the prostitutes that they send out are drug and disease free and at least high school graduates. This lady may have graduated from high school but she split at seventeen so I have questions on whether she graduated or not. She admits to being a drug user, and I have no idea of her disease status. The only thing I know is Mr. Spitzer appears to be the dumbest John in the world. The girl was not attractive, the girl was not educationally smart but evidently is extremely street smart, the girl was a drug user, and we have no idea of her disease status and she brought down a Harvard trained Governor. What’s Harvard teaching these days? $100,000 of stupidity. HA HA! In any event I thought Elliots marraige was safe, but not if there is a high risk that he can give his wife a communicable disease! I don’t know anyone who would stick around for that. Mr. Spitzer show es a decided lack of care and concern for his loved ones for not properly vetting his high priced call girl service. I say put the leaders of the service in Jail, not only were they pimping women, but they were swindling Johns.

I would like to discuss how I cam e to the conclusion that prostitution was better that a mistress of even that prostitution was OK. I’ve been married I think my husband cheated with one woman if not physically but emotionally and trust me emotional affairs are a lot worst. However I became convinced that physical affairs are not worth ending a relationship when I ordered a particular old book from Amazon I paid a penny for it plus shipping. It was called the Hite report on men. I had read the Hite report on women a long time ago, it was in my mother personal collection and it had let me know that masturbation was OK, fantasies were OK, etc. It is why I can go years without sex and still be happy, masturbation rocks and is a guaranteed orgasm whereas sex with a partner is not always a guarantee to pleasure. In any event when I finally reached the point to ordering The Hite Report on men,as I write this I am remembering that prior to ordering The Hite Report on Men, I had purchased it at a thrift store for three dollars but had never gotten around to reading it and by the time I was ready to read it it had disappeared from my home so I had searched dit out on Amazon.

As I began reading the book, I think the single most impression that hit me while reading this is that if I had had this book prior to having The Hite Report on Female sexuality I probably could have sustained relationships and maybe marriages. As a black woman, we always assume that women of other races have more than black women have. We assume that other women specifically white women have in today’s terms five car garages and high powered cars and most specifically faithful Norman Rockwell husbands in their Homes and beds. We take these visions into our relationships and then when the relationships fail we resort to saying bad things about black men or thinking bad thoughts about them and treating them as if they are freaks of nature. However a brief reading of the Hite Report on men reveals that the actions of Bill Clinton were not the actions of our first pseudo de facto black President but were the actions of most men, if the Hite Report written in the seventies is to be believed. There are white men and I am assuming they are white men who state in this report that they have been cheating on their wives for forty and fifty years and their wives have no idea, some of the women they were cheating with were mistresses but a large number of men had sex with serial women. This fact for me was enlightening and as I read this book I kept stating to myself I wish I had known. This book also revealed that their are other races with downlow men, there is huge literature in the black community written about down low brothers (men who are married to women but sleep with men). This book finally revealed to me that men are men there is no race that has the market on morals or fidelity. Any woman that leaves their husband because of infidelity is living in a rose colored world. She may think that her friends or acquaintances have the ideal, but the research by Shere Hite on this issue reveals that the majority of marriages have problems, this was however written in the seventies maybe things have changed drastically since then but I seriously doubt it.

Finally I would like to mention the editorial piece that is linked to in this article. I know a lot of people are encouraging Mrs. Spitzer to leave her husband. I realize that many of these people want her to leave her husband because they want it to serve as a warning to their husbands to say see if you do this you’re going to lose your wife “me”. However the honest truth from my humble observation is the two people actually like each other and in about twelve years ago Spitzer may not even be able to get it up without Viagra. Neither of these people are getting any younger. I had rather have a picture with my grandchildren, my husband and my children, rather than just my self and individual family members. For Spitzers wife I don’t think the goal is being old, alone, and manless which I’m sure she can pick up another husband but I’m sure she would tell anyone that being married to a billionaire, even a cheating one is not the worst thing in the world.


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