Democrats in Florida Are Near Plan for New Vote – New York Times

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Democrats in Florida Are Near Plan for New Vote – New York Times

The Democrats in Florida are agisnst a mail in plan. Barack Obama has stated he thinks that the primary should be fraud proof. I am very resentful of this comment. Obviously Mr. Obama has forgotten that a supporter of his campaign tried to commit fraud during the Texas caucases and it ws all over the news. Furthermore, if Mr. Obama is wondering why he lost Texas it may be because he is not fully aware of the demographics of all of Texas. Just a drive through of the whole of Texas would shed light on why Hilliary Cinton won Texas.

As for fraud I honestly do beleive that the Obama camp has used some of the campaign contributions to commit fraud. He is obviously not above this considering a key campaign dona tor is on trial for fraud. But I suspect fraud in this election, I have for a while on the Obama side. I suspected fraud when Clinton lost the state of MO, and this is what happened to convince me that there was fraud. I have seen elections change in my lifetime. I saw the election change when I went to sleep during a presidential election in 1999 and George Bush was losing Florida and he said something to the effect I’m not losing Florida my brother is the governor, and when I woke up the next moring George Bush had won, I’ve seen elections change when a candidate for Senate cried, he was losing decisively and he got on TV and cried and the next day when I woke up he had won. On the night of the first Super Tuesday CNN went out of their way to put in Big Letter with stars the states that Obama was winning, they did not extend this courtesy to any other person democrat or Republican. It was so strange I thought two things 1) the polls have not closed in California or 2) CNN was trying to let people who could cheat in t he election that it was OK to cheat. I am of the opinion that CNN was trying to alert the powers that be in MO that they could cheat for Obama. Obama lost decisively in Georgia however every black woman I spoke to except a few said they were voting for Clinton. I was at a coffee shop and this man came in who was an Obama supporter and started talling to these women about supporting Obama and they said very decisively and loudly that they were not voting for a drug addict. While I was an Obama supporter I went to a jazz festival to hand out buttons and talk to people about Obama, the majority of black women I spoke to in Atlanta said that they were voting for Clinton. I will never forget speaking to one woman and she said decisively “I’m voting for the woman” I’m voting for the woman. I say this to say that the statistics regarding the voting patterns may be wrong, and the largest segment of individuals who are being disenfranchised may be black women, then again maybe things changed, and Obama experienced one of those “strange” surges that Obama has been getting.


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