Better a prostitute than a Mistress! Elliott is a Sex Addict!

In Uncategorized on March 12, 2008 at 1:50 pm

Before I write this post I would like to caveate it with a brief statement of my morals, I am not part of the moral majority, I have not claimed to be. I consistently rail against abortion not because I am a raging evangelist but because I belive that the universe has harmony and beauty and what goes around eventually comes around, I have read buddhist texts, as well as believe in karma and because of this abortions is just not inline with the universe and to not let it be known that I am against it would be to be in collusion with those participating in it.

With that said I will try to be as honest with this subject as my thought allow me to be. When I was in I met a guy, a man whatever you want to call him. I was not interested in him at first because he was just what I was not inteerested in short, very dark, and he had big red lips, however he had one saving grace he was very intelligent I loved talking to him. As I would learn by constantly being his friend and talking with him is that he slept with anything that moved. As our friendship progressed, I eventually slept with him and he literally rocked my world in terms of the skill that he possessed. I would eventually figure out that he could do the things that he did because he slept with so many women. We ramined friends on and off for a long time not sexual friends but friends all th same.

I say all this to say that I have watched the body language between the Spitzers prior to the last news conference and I know that she benefits from what ever he has done. Every way that he has made her feel and every thrill that she has gotten has been because her husband sees these prostitutes. This incident may destroy Elliott Spitzers political career but I seriously doubt it will destroy his marraige. A mistriss destroys a marraige, but not a prostitute. However Elliott Spitzer is a sex addict and does need to see a psychologist. “Period”


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