This Period will be remembered as the {eriod of Yellow Journalism

In barack obama, Meet the Press, Tim Russert Yellow journalism, yellow journalists on March 10, 2008 at 8:50 am

Today it was confirmed that one of my favorite journalists was being biased in the election towards Barack Obama. I have been a long time viewer of Meet the Press, at least since I was a teenager, and I will probably continue to watch but today Tim Russert’s integrity and honesty fell before my very eyes. The discussion concerned the comments by Obama’s former unofficial and acknowledged foreign policy advisor Samantha Power/ Mr Russert showed her comments on the screen with something to the effect that Mr. Obama had no intention of withdrawing the troops, if elected but would asses the situation as needed once elected and may or maynot withdraw the trooops. Mr Russert countered with an OpEd piece by someone not affiliated with the Hillary Clinton campaign that said she would do the same thing. This to me was extremely shady and misleading journalism. Mr. Russert automatically assumed that his audience was too ignorant and dumb to not know the difference between an editorial written by someone not affiliated with the Clinton campaign, and a comment made by a trusted Aide to the Obama campaign. This is not the same and it is indeed not real journalism. As I stated before there was a time I would believe anything Tim Russert said and support any opinion or fact he had, when we dealt with the Scooter Libby incident and Valerie Plane incident I just knew that every word that came out of Russerts mouth was the truth, now I am not so sure. His behavior this election cycle has in my eyes made his reputation, reliability and honesty highly questionable.


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