Obama’s lost his ‘rock star’ advisor – Los Angeles Times

In Uncategorized on March 9, 2008 at 3:28 pm

Obama's lost his 'rock star' advisor – Los Angeles Times

In an earlier post I stated that Obama was in my opinion qualified to be president. After the Samantha Power incident I doubt seriously that Obama is qualified to even choose a seasoned mature policy advisor. I have no clue how this lady won a Pulitzer prize maybe because she played basketball with George Clooney which was stated in another article, or maybe because she even had sex with Clooney, Obama, and the whole Pulitzer committee, but this is ridiculous. This lady does not even know how to speak to the press. I do care about this country and I am concerned about the direction it takes. Obama was probably prepared to offer this lady a cabinet position. This is a far far cry from Colin Powell and especially Condoleeza Rice who were foreign policy professionals and they both had served in a prior administration. They were qualified. I thought that other than these two individuals, the cabinet positions Bush made were dismal. I thought that we could not have a president make worst decisions than Baby Bush but it’s looking like it could get much worst. Who are we going to have to head the Fed, Oprahs accountant.

I am convinced now that Barack Obama does not have the experience to dig us out of the recession as well as the integrity and capability to use the judgement to choose adequate time tested advisers. If he wins I am convinced there will be more of the same.


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