Obama Advisor calls Clinton Staffers the Lowest Common Denominator

In Uncategorized on March 9, 2008 at 11:51 pm

Obama's lost his 'rock star' advisor – Los Angeles Times

One more thing regarding this article Samantha Power is quoted as saying the following to the New Statesman article as it regards Clinton staffers:

“We don’t want to end up in a lowest-common-denominator operation,” she said, “which is what, I think, actually, really hurt her.”

You know this article states that she and Obama talked deep into the night about their oppinions. I wonder if this is how Obama talks about the American populace. Is this how Obama feels about the working class voters that give and gave Hillary Clinton their votes. The media is emphasizing class and status in how people vote. If Obama wins the election, will the democratic party cease being the party of working class Americans, which whther black people realize it or not have an interest in the policies that affect working class and lower income Americans.

In addition how can Samantha POwer call anyone the lowest common denominator and then write about the struggles in Africa. There are some serious dichotomies in what she says and what she represents. Is she an advocate of Darfur so she say hang around with Clooney and Jolie. She obviosuly has some problems with status and class, She sounds like some sort of white supremacists to me, Hitler like! Hitler did not just hate the jews, he hated the weak also. Obama has shown his disdain for the weak by his radical support of partial birth abortion, Obama just like Hitler’s Mien Kampf has written a book illustrating his struggles, Obama just like Hitler’s Germany is speaking to a nation desperate to be relieved of their struggles, they want hope, just like Hitler’s Germany this nation is responding to unemployment, falling currency, and the changes from one type of economic structure to another, Germany was emerging from an agrarian society to an industrail society and we are emerging from a post industrial society into a higly technical society. There is a book that discusses how the holocasut was able to happen because of the advances in an industrial society. There could be a holocaust in this country also because of highly technical advances, with Samantha Power’s discussion of the lowest common denominator, it is not impossible to think that Obama may be the third Anti Christ as predicted. This is taking it a little far but when people start referring to people as the lowest common denominator, this is really disturbing. Remember everyone that Adolf Hitler was Jewish!


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