Obama Ain’t "Scairt"

In Uncategorized on March 8, 2008 at 8:39 pm

Michigan do-over election hits a new wall | | Detroit Free Press

According to the Link above Barack Obama has rejected the idea of a do over in Michigan. The article implies that he has an objection to a primary versus a caucus. The article sttates that he does not want a do over where party leaders are in charge. You know if Mr. Obama does not want the process run by party leaders maybe he ought to consider a third party. I suppose this paranoia is going along with Michelle Obama’s line that this country has never done anything for her. I think the Obama’s have better lives than most people regardless of race, Ms. Obama’s last job as an executive at a hospital paid her upwards of $300,000 a year. Mrs. Obama is a graduate of Princeton and Harvard Law. This country has been really bad to her. If Barack Obama wants to consider where his slide came from it was 1. The statement by Michelle Obama that if Obama gets the nomination thatthis is the first time she would be proud of her country. (Michelle maybe you need to try starving and going without shoes as many around the world do, maybe then you will finally be proud to be an American. 2. The secret wink wink meetings with Canadian officials 3) A Nobel Prize winning staffer stating that you really did not plan on pulling the troops out of Iraq as well as her calling a sitting senator a “monster”. These are some of the reasons folks are having serious buyers remorse and “don’t” want you to be the president, and a democrat is going to be the president. The republicans say they have values but the condition of the economy is valueless and without morals. I heard someone say the other day I’m driving my car slow now so that I can pretned that I’m going for a long ride. Gas is about to approach four dollars a gallon, if we elect another republican what’s it going to be int he next eight years eight dollars a gallon.

Back to Michigan, Senator Obama you have had a big break with caucases, there are some places when less than 1% of the population particpate in caucases. If this is how this country has been choosing it’s presidential candidates this is a horrible injustice and proves that Americans have not been choosing their presidential candidates, but only a few of the population has, to use Texas as an example their caucuses started at 12 midnight. There are plenty of people who can not stay up that late, they can’t miss a day or that’s their job. They have Children and families that they have to take care of maybe even an elderly relative, they don’t like driving in the dark or are afraid to. These are the people who do not show up to caucases and to run an election on caucases is ridiculous.

Barack Obama is a constitutional lawyer he knows the procedure of a caucus is unfair at it’s roots, especially when there are some states like Georgia that allow early voting in the primaries and maybe caucus states do, I just don’t know but thr process that I observed in Nevada on CNN was less professional than an elementary school election. The procedure was supporters of different candidates stood on different sides of the room, I think people wrote on a piece of paper who they supported and then they counted the ballots and that was the winner for the precinct. I think the two parties the democrats and the republicans are using caucases to increase their own parties impartance however with the recent spotlight on what a caucas really is and how many voters it truly disenfranchises, we may see the rise of a third party all primary party that encompasses thevalues of us all.

You know Senator Obama, the party is over especailly if you refuse to agree to a do over, those super delegates will have cause not to vote for you becuase you refused to comprimise and as a potential candidate you were willing to disenfrancshise Florda and Michigan just so you could maintain you had more delegates, now what type of president would that make you.


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