Falsely Accused but Charged with Something Anyway!

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I have hesitated to discuss this on my blog but at this point I will because at this point I think it will be beneficial for me as a catharsis and because I think every American needs to know what happened to me because it will let them know to what extent our country has evolved into a corporate and police state. I honestly don’t know whether what happened to me was political or if it was just plain harassment. Maybe I just did not look respectable, or maybe my boobs are too big. I don’t know but what I am about to recount to you is a believe it or not, like I suppose all of the weird things that happen to me are. My life is evolving into a big believe it or not.

I suppose what happened to me was in the Tea Leaves. As I prepared to leave the house to go to a professional meeting for my field of work, my mother who would be watching my children said, please don’t go I think something bad is going to happen. I thought about what she said and my karma told me that something bad might happen also. I ignored the fact that as a Dekalb County resident that when I went to Fulton County particularly Atlanta, where the meeting was being held I suddenly felt that I could breathe. If anything bad ever happened to me, it was always in Dekalb County but ignoring that fact. I decided not to go and also respond to my daughter’s demands that her teacher was asking for her glasses and drive to the local mall where I had purchased over $240.00 in eyeglasses, two months before between my daughter and my son in eye ware. As I was driving through the mall parking lot or parking area trying to get as close to the store as possible, I noticed security driving my way and since I blog , since I write, since I write to various government offices agencies, blog about black people etc. I felt a clammy hand run down my back, the same clammy hand that ran down my back one evening as I left Wal-Mart and found Congressman Hank Johnson an ardent supporter of Barack Obama sitting illegally parked in my parking aisle the same day that I had attended an organizational meeting as a volunteer for the Hillary Clinton campaign. In any event that day at the mall I put on a left signal and the security vehicle turned left and I went straight.

I managed to find a parking space as close to Vision Works as I possibly could, near the movie theater. As I walked to Vision Works my back from a terrible car accident started to hurt and I thought you must be out of shape or something because your back is killing you. In any event I finally made it to Vision Works pulled out my daughters glasses and waited in line for them to be fixed. I have worn some form of corrective vision wear for decades and in the past when I wore glasses getting your glasses fixed was a simple affair of taking them to the vision store and having the person behind the counter fix them. As I walked to the counter I was a little shocked at the lady that I saw wearing the general manager badge Daniele Taylor. I had been coming to vision works for at least the last four years for my personal needs and had been used to having conversations with the various counter staff about things like health, diet. One counter person had told me how she had lost a lot of weight from eating fruits and vegetables in the past. I also had continued to come to vision works because the Asian optometrist gave one of the best exams that I had ever had, unfortunately the last time I had come in for my personal exam not my children’s she was in the process of going on maternity leave which I thought was really great at the time.

However I think what I took note of more than anything regarding this lady that wore the general manager’s badge Danielle Taylor was that she was big fat and slovenly and her hair was not combed. This was quite a big shock from what I had been used to when I entered that particular vision works. However in any event I showed her the glasses and she point blank refused to fix them. She told me that you can go downstairs and get them fixed but she was not going to fix the glasses. She told me they had a thirty day policy and would not fix the glasses. I explained to her that we had come in for the two for one special when I purchased the glasses, but my daughter had wanted the 159.00 Guess Frames and that I had had to pay the 150.00 difference including lenses out of my pocket, I also explained to her that my daughter was seven years old and needed her glasses fixed. I implored her to help me with the glasses. She refused and I left. I did not linger around the mall because I am a discount shopper as well as an ebay and amazon shopper. The only thing I will not buy off of the internet are large consumer goods. To show you how committed I am to the Internet, I purchased my sons school clothing from the carious online stores, and these were the newest fall fashions which had not hit the stores yet. My son came home and told me that the kids were teasing him and telling him that he got his jacket from the thrift store, two months later the teasing stopped because my sons clothes were now in the shopping center. In any event I am not a mall person. I think you get the picture. It takes me days to shop in my little Internet stores day and night. In any event I think you get the picture that I am not going to the shopping mall unless I am literally dragged into the mall. As for the movies you will see me in the bad neighborhoods looking for the man who sell’s them for five dollars. One night I had promised to take my kids to the movies, however the bootleg guy rolled up with the movie for five dollars and I was so grateful that I wold not have to spend thirty dollars going to the movies. In other words I don’t go to the mall.

As I stated before I left Vision Works and walked directly to my car, I pulled my coat off before getting into the car and threw it into the back seat and got in the car, put my car into gear, and was about to start it up. As I was about to start the car a security guard knocked on the window and told me that I stole a pair of glasses from Vision Works and to step out of the car. As I looked behind me, I noticed that two security vehicles had blocked me in. There were several things that went through my mind at the time. The first one was I did not want to leave the car. I told the security guard that I did not want to get out of the car. He said I had to. I vaguely thought that he was a citizen too and could not make me get out of the car. However he insisted. There was much more that went on, but to make a long story short. I was charged with disorderly conduct, not shop lifting, though the fat slovenly women named Danielle Taylor did eventually come out and was specifically asked Were the glasses Purple? She said yes. The purple glasses had a prescription in them, they were my daughters broken glasses. The glasses that I had asked her to fix. However the police were not prepared to show me any empathy, they had no empathy to the fact that I had walked into the shopping center for one thing only to get my seven year old child’s glasses fixed who has a pretty high prescription -4. They showed me no empathy and no mercy and took me to jail for disorderly conduct. At this point I am afraid to live in the Southern United States, especially the county I live in. Can you imagine being falsely accused and being taken to jail when everyone knows that you did not commit a particular act. I walk in fear. I am afraid .If you can’t visit a merchant you’ve spent money with for years without being falsely accused of something and the police treat you like you are a criminal there is a big problem in our world. I can honestly say that I am slowly reaching the point where for me living in this world seems to be futile. I am faced with unfairness and just bad people at every turn. I think I need to move and I will very soon. However I urge individuals to be very careful when you go i public places, what happened to you could happen to me, and I have thrown a lot of what ifs at the situation what if I had purchased sunglasses that I could have had in my dash, in my purse etc. would I have been charged with shop lifting then? It is highly likely. Fortunately, I did not and do not possess the type of sunglasses that they may or may not sell I’m not sure but this is a big what if I contemplate. I would have been charged for shoplifting and not disorderly conduct. I have always heard that you need a search warrant to go through someones car once you are in it. I was about to start my car and I find it very strange that I was asked to leave my car. In twenty/twenty hindsight I think my conduct may have saved me from being framed or had planted evidence put on me or my person. I don’t think going quietly is the best policy especially in a county where in the past one sheriff has killed the sheriff elect.

######This post may be a babble, or it may be clear, I don’t know I just know that I had to get it out.


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