John Lewis will throw his Super Delegate Support behind Hillary Clinton

In Uncategorized on February 28, 2008 at 11:37 am

As I was listening to the radio I just heard that John Lewis will be throwing his super delegate support to Barack Obama for president. He cited the wishes of his his constituents as being the reason. To reflect upon the musings of Hillary Clinton as the only presidential candidate who graced black Americans descended from West African slaves, who’s ancestors contributed in building this country but who apparently won’t have the first back president descended from this blood line representing them, which from my point of view will not serve to assuage American guilt for me for slavery, at the State of the Black Union. At this point I think African American’s need reparations. In any event Hillary Clinton’s musings were at the state of the Black Union were if Hillary Clinnton’s super delegates abandon her because it’s the will of their constituents, does this mean that Ted Kennedy is going to withdraw his support from Barack Obama because the will of his constituents was for Hillary Clinton to be president. Does this mean that if Maria Shriver is a Super Delegate that she will throw her California support behind Barack Obama because he won the state. You know it works both way’s Hillary Clinton supporters can also vote people out even Ted Kennedy for making a living off of them but campaigning for a presidential contender that they do not want in office, MA has alreasy indicated that tehy will not be voting Devall Patrick back into office becuase of the terrible job that he’s doing in MA. I suppose if they think that Old Ted is responsible for putting a president that they did not want into office they can not vote for him either. The word is, if there were anytime to challenge Ted Kennedy it is now becuase his constituents don’t want his Super Delegate votes going to Barack Obama!


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