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In Uncategorized on February 25, 2008 at 10:33 am – Blogs: Lone Republican» Blog Archive » Don’t be fooled–Barack is an extreme left wing radical

We all know Barack Obama’s extreme view towards abortion he is a strong supporter of third term abortion, but were you aware that his position is stronger then NARALS. NARAL does believe in providing medical treatment to babies who survive according to this comment if a baby survives the abortion procedure Barack Obama does not beleive in keeping the child alive. With that I have the following commentary:

Why are White democratic Men not Supporting Hillary Clinton? Before we answer this question let’s do a little survey. What political party do you think the three Peterson’s that have killed or lost their wives associated themselves with? UH probably Democrat. Why am I saying this because I am prepared to vote democrat? I am saying this because by rejecting Hillary Clinton, a clearly qualified candidate, who can

I am saying this because it has been fascinating for me to see for African Americans in this presidential primary race has outshone every thing sex, an African American woman is most likely to be be beat, murdered, killed,left, given AIDS, by her black counterpart then any other group in the United States, yet they will vote for race over sex

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