Obama rethought

In Uncategorized on February 25, 2008 at 7:50 pm

I always try to be as objective as possible and the accusations against Obama, mine or other folks that have been lodged against him have been disturbing me. The first accusation that he is not qualified is one that the more I think about it is frankly baffling. Obama is a Columbia grad, and a Harvard Law graduate. I am not focusing on the fact that he is a Harvard Law Review editor because the importance of that was greatly diminished for me after I visited their sad little website a year ago. Hopefully it looks a little better now that they have received some publicity. However Barack Obama’s mother was also a member of a department of state while Obama lived in Indonesia. He was a community activist in Illinois and actually chose to be a civil rights attorney when he studied law. As for can he balance the budget, solve poverty, solve the energy issue, etc. I was a college student during and after the Clinton administration and one thing that I noted was that many of the books I read were written by folks in the Clinton Administration prior to the Clinton administration. These were professionals that had been acclaimed and given awards by people in their own fields.. These were the Clinton appointees if Obama is smart, if he becomes president he will follow the Clinton model, Appoint people who are professionally acclaimed in their field and know how to solve problems. I think one of the biggest mistakes of the Bush administration was not doing this, not appointing professionals in the field, but friends. This is why Hurricane Katrina was such a disaster. This is why the one truly qualified person in the Bush administration, Dr. Condoleeza Rice had to be everything. I thought that the Bush Administration had gotten over getting the VP Dr. Rice to respond to everything until we had an economic problem and they pulled her out again. Dr. Rice said she had no interest in being president but we are all aware that the legacy of being able to run for President and the heir to the Republican throne should have been Dr. Rice. However this post is not about Dr. Rice. This post is about Barack Obama and whether he is qualified. I think he is, I think he has proven that he is a leader and leaders know how to appoint qualified individuals. Finally I did watch part of The State of The Black Union and I have to state what the lieutenant Governor of Maryland stated I have philosophical and ideological differences with Senator Obama. I am against abortion and have been so for a very long time. I am especially opposed to partial birth abortion which has been outlawed. I also just don’t believe that Mr. Obama is the same person that decided to be a civil rights attorney. I just don’t believe that he is as committed to helping the poor as Hillary Clinton. With his attitudes towards abortion I am tempted to believe that he supports ethnic cleansing through abortion. However I can concede that it only takes the ability and willingness to appoint qualified people to be a good president.


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