Was Obama’s Use of Patricks’s Words Plaigirism

In barack obama, borowing, democrats, duvall patrick, plaigirism, presdiential primary on February 20, 2008 at 4:17 pm

You know I once volunteered at the Democratic convention, I was too young to vote and they forgot to send me a volunteer certificate though others did receive one, however everyday I would accompany an out of state delegate to the convention, so I suppose her word that I volunteered is good enough for me. I suppose the high points were seeing Ron Brown talk to delegates. He was a phenom.

However to me, the truly impressive part of the convention was the press area. It took up a huge area of the convention center. However the truly awesome thing about the press area was the fact that the area had printed speeches of the participants hot off the press. As an award winning extemporaneous speaker, as an award winning debater, the thought that what came out of my mouth was so valued really meant a lot. As a speaker who worked tirelessly and never accepted and never wanted help, and because of the strong warnings year after year against plagiarism by the teachers I respected very much. Year after year it was instilled in me to use my own words and I was afraid not to for the same reasons I would not cheat I was afraid that any repetition of someones words would cast doubt on my character and make me an awful person, the use of others works would make me feel little.

However to reflect on my school days, there were people who would retool a song they heard on the radio and turn it is as their own, the class would laugh because they all knew and this person’s popularity and their popularity would rise, rise rise. This was the attitude in I suppose the general English class I was in, however it was a totally different story in advanced and AP, I think people took everything they wrote and they said seriously their was pride in making your words your own.

As for the charges against Obama, I think we all need to recognize that the Ivy League is just not what it used to be, or just not what it was. I understand that Obama transferred to Columbia, a school that I’ve respected for a long time, however the media behavior outside of the tight lipped PBS has been atrocious, and has made me lose enormous respect for the media profession, what Columbia was once famous for. I am convinced now that at least half of the press corp pulls out a napkin, sprinkles a white powder on the napkin and sniffs with the exception of PBS and the local news folks. In any event I am disappointed that a graduate of Columbia did not take borrowing more seriously especially since if it had never bee caught, history would have recorded the speech as Obama’s . Obama and Patrick say that it does not matter ,it’s unimportant. However, I’ve recorded my strong reaction to one of Obama’s speeches on this blog and for me it it does matter. To think that any response that I have is gotten from me because of words that have been repeated over and over again by others is in the least disappointing. At most what it boils down to is I’ve been pimped. A junior pimp learns from a senior pimp the right way to touch their prey, what to say to them , when to slap them, and when to put them out on the streets. I suppose for Duvall Patrick and Barack Obama to say that “borrowing” does not matter really means to them the words that come out of their mouth are really “JUST WORDS” their respective campaign managers just found good actors to recite words to the point of winning an election, and for those of you accusing Hillary Clinton of borrowing, the rule I remember is repeating less than ten words is not plagiarism, so for the media reporting on Clinton, your mass media studies have failed you.

In any event I have to watch GO PIMP MY RIDE. You see Americans are used to being pimped and really like it.


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