Read this article and ask yourself if you could envision Barack Obama in this Scenario

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Is it possible for one to serve our country in a political sense and be drug addicted according to one political wife it is. When I lived in San Francisco I ran into a people who were drug abusers, the very beautiful pan handler that told me that she had lost three hundred pounds from using crack, the extremely good looking man I met with AIDS who was a drug addict. My point is there are physical characteristics that drug addicts have especially male abusers, long and lean emaciated almost. It is my opinon and just my opinion that Barack Obama has that look. A caller on cspan once inquired whether the candidates would have a drug test. I would like to know if Barack Obama would have one or in the least give a lock of his hair for a drug test. Maybe his barber would give a lock of his hair doubtful but a thought. I say this to say that Barack Obama may have inherited John Kennedy’s legacy according to Kennedy’s relatives but he has not inherited the legacy of Dr. King. If you have any doubt about this, you should ask the children of Dr. King who have not taken a stance if they want their father’s name associated with an admitted drug user and a believer and a supporter of partial birth abortion and Dr. King met the moral standard. I think the minister that Dr. King’s daughter ministers at is supporting HIllary Clinton.

In any event the belief that a political figure can not be a drug addict and a politician is debunked by the above articles and I will publish the whole series of articles once I come upon them.

As the Democratic party has given a far left liberal on his own terms so much support. They are electing a man with so many of the qualities responsible for the problems in the inner city and some rural portions of our nation. The United States is showing the dichotomy between the poor and the rich with Obama’s triumph. Obama wears a suit, publicly say’s he has been a drug user and a gang member and becomes a major candidate in a democratic election. Sunshine, a 19 year old girl I met, a non-drug user, healthy and fit say’s FUCK THE POLICE and ends up in jail. Someone, a younger person has asked me about Obama’s being a member of the chum gang and whether he participated in drive by shootings. I had to think about his age and say no he probably did not participate in drive by shootings but the seventies was a time when he may have broken into someone’s car or business and was a heavy drug user. I said to myself thank goodness that I did not have to say this man may have been a participant in a drive by shooting. However aif OBama is elected and goes on to become president I predict a huge rise in drug use and a huge rise in crime, and all those affluent whites who are voting for him, I predict a huge rise in Gates not Bill Gates but gated communities and the poor will be the ones who have to deal with the brunt of the fall out.

As an African American we have to face the facts that we don’t care about the morlas of our leaders, and have to question if all of the Sunday morning church attendance is a facade for ourselves and not a real offer of service to a moral God who I know, my God is not down with third term abortion.


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