Is Britney Spears Crazy?

In Uncategorized on February 11, 2008 at 10:49 pm

Predicitve – Several years ago I could have predicted a breakdown from Britney Spears. I would never have predicted it would be so public but Britney Spears can not even cough without the media taking note. I began to know there would be problems in Britney’s life when despite her great beauty and awesome talent. The media began to imply that Britney could not keep a man. Every tabloid was filled with men who dumped her, Justin Timberlake did not want her. You know the drill. Several of the hottest stars have been though this, some to the point of having the media investigate their lives so throughly they had no choice but to end a relationship because the media revealed that their love interest was without a doubt cheating. If these individuals had breakdowns or cared the media never found out that much. I think the problem was so severe for Britney Spears was because of her youth. She has and had it all wealth, power, talent and beauty and was to some extent targeted and torn down by the media. I think what may have been just a break up as it relates to Britney Spears and men became on the media’s part an attack that was essentially, SHE HAS ALL THAT AND SHE CAN’T EVEN KEEP A MAN. When the real truth is she was just dating as all young people do. Studies have shown that in order for a woman to really find her Prince Charming and someone she can get along with, she has to date extensively, not have sex with but date over 100 men to find compatibility.

However when Britney dated according to the media it was her failure, a lack of desirability on her part and the really sad part about this is she bought into this. It is my opinion that Britney defines or defined herself by her sex appeal. She failed to take the veil off of the performer and get in touch with her real self. The inner self that we should all have that says I don’t care if I’m the fattest ugliest poorest person in the world, I still have a lot to offer because I’m me. I don’t care if I never get a date, I’m still important and valuable. Brittney failed to have the above feelings for herself. I speak in the past but I hope that she will quickly come to grips with reality and realize there is nothing wrong with her except that she has been the victim of extreme envy which comes with stardom or fame.

In addition is Britney Spears Crazy because of other reasons? As Britney Spears is being portrayed, she just fell apart. POOF, she’s gone for no apparent reason. However what no one bothers to say is that she was taken advantage of by her ex husband, not only was she taking care of her two children but I am sure she was taking care of his children by another woman also. This is expected however Britney really misstepped when she married a dancer form her dance team who had two children by another member of her dance team. I often wonder if Britney Spears was set up by these two individuals and she fell, and of course he had the magic number of children in Hollywood by Britney – TWO! I know she asked for the divorce but where was he when she text messaged the request for a divorce – in a strip club. You know the judge has been all over poor Britney but has failed to acknowledge Federline for the calculating creep that he is. However just because Federline took advantage of Britney Spears does that make her less of a woman? Does that make her undesirable? Heck No! It just sheds light on the fact that she has not gotten in touch with her inner woman.

If I had a prescription for Britney, it would be that the superstars male and female would try to connect with her, Angelina Jolie has changed Brad Pitt and Clooney, I bet she could change Britney, Angelina Jolie was smart enough to know how to get out of a bad marriage quickly three of them. . Erykah Badu has written about Tyrone. Hallie oh Hallie has overcome. Britney you must stop defining yourself by how others treat you and be your own woman. Finally if anyone has any doubt as to what I have said we can look at the first viable female candidate in the race. I think she’s doen outstanding things, played by the rules, lead a clean life and done wonderful things with her life and the media can only characterize her as a Bitch. When the race began I was extremely perplexed about this. I googled why do they call Hillary Clinton a Bitch and could not find one convincing answer, but if Britney needs a role model and needs to know that she can withstand attacks on her just because she has tried to be the best she can be, she need only look at Hillary Clinton and know that she can get up and be the person that she’s been since she was a small child a strong individual.


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