Recent Comment on on Mitt Romney posted to NYT Blog Mitt Romneus Funeral

In conservatives, mitt romney, presidential race, republicans on February 8, 2008 at 5:54 pm

I am a single mother and I consider myself very tolerant however Mitt Romney really got my goat up. He would endlessly recite statistics of families without fathers and how their offspring were at risk and against American culture. When he first came out I thought what a nice family however by the end of his campaign all I could do is gag, literally stick my finger down my throat in disgust. I think the tolerance he expected from all of us in his being a Mormon he was unwilling to give. All of this talk about American culture that even during his pullout speech was one big FLIPFLOP in regards to his life. He grew up in a polygamous family, since when has polygamy been part of this culture. We don’t even know if he’s married to a relative or not. The only thing that he seemed to be standing up for as far as I was concerned was the trailer. I vote both ways and let me tell you , my vote would have never gone to him. Through his own fault he lacked mass appeal. He received the same intolerance he gave. I am so happy he is out of the race, I really feel bad that he spent all of that money to lose but he should have realized that this country does not want an intolerant bigot for president, Finally for all of his talk about broken families he failed to realize that a lot of families in this country are broken and they are doing the best they can, as for children without fathers they have been around in the United States and elsewhere since the beginning of time especially when abortion was not an option. I could say a lot about what i thought when I found out he came from a polygamous family but he can probably guess what it was, because the same way that he spoke against children without fathers is a little better than what they say about people who participate in polygamy. Where has he been for the last century in a polygamous camp or something.

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