Obama Slipped in Through the Back Door of My Mind

In Uncategorized on February 6, 2008 at 9:38 am

As everyone knows I have switched to being a Hillary supporter. As I dozed off looking at the primaries, I suddenly began to heard beautiful words. I heard a message of hope of beaty of love. I woke up and it was Barack Obama speaking. My kids hadd fallen asleep with me in the living room and I said wake up kids, listen to this, it’s Obama. I’ve switched Obama’s words are so beautiful, I’m going to vote for him in the general election anyway. I was just committed I hollered he’s got me in my sleep. In my sleep I heard “there is a a man that works in a steel mill that worries about his child’s education” who only wants a good education for his child—–beautiful I thought. I keep hollering tomy children I don’t care I’m going to vote for this man. I don’t care! Then I have to shake myself awake. First of all I think of the last time I was moved by Barack Obama, I had been a hardworking grassroots volunteer and people would say I have a free ticket to this don’t you want to go see him, don’t you want to go to Selma to see him and oppurtunity upon oppurtunity,would be offered and I would say no, and then I heard him speak in person and all I wanted to do was shake his hand, touch the hem of his garmet etc. etc. “Jesus” and he could not shake my hand. I thought about Hillary and Bill Clinton and how the “KEEP THEIR PROMISES”. I thought about the women in Chicago tenaments who would call Barack Obama’s state senate office and say we are cold, we are cold and his staff never responded. I thought about his ardent support for partial birth abortion, I thought about a lot and finally I came to the conclusion that no matter how much I am moved, no matter how many tears come to my eyes. All OBama is speaking is words, as for being a community activist, what did that mean to him, what did he do. It’s nice to talk about being a community activist but what does that mean to me? Does that mean securing a two dollar job? Does that mean trying to pidgeon folks into a certain group or class. I respect the fact that Obama says that he was a community activist on the Sounth side of Chicago but I also recognize the class divide he’s speaking of, condescending yes! I trust Hillary Clinton. It is my personal belief that her husband’s administration fueled the internet revolution by releasing the funds nescessary, his admistration provided real jobs to everyone, not nickel jobs but make a living jobs. I think Hillary Clinton will be true to this she will allow all people to be what they want to be. At this point I don’t see the wheels of class turning in her mind! She has freinds and she supports them, but she makes many new friends and she provides oppurtunities for them also. I am firmly for Hillary Clinton and I will stay there. There may be back doors to my mind, but the rule is the front door, and what comes through the back must walk out the back and reenter through the front. Finally if Barack Obama wins which judging by the reaction of my brain he might, that’s great but unfortunately I probably will stay home or possibly vote for someone else. Let me tell you a story that moved me.

Huckabees wife was speaking, the words were not ellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloquuted but or ennnunnnnnnnnnciated but this is what she said, she said when Mike and I were first married I did not have a washing machine and dryer and I had to go to the laundry mat. Mike was so upset about that the he sold his guitar collection that he dearly loved to buy me a washer and dryer so I did not have to leave the house to wash clothes. She said some other things, after I first got married I came down with Cancer and I was so sick, I thought Mike was going to give me back to my mother but he nursed me back to health and stood by my side. She said some other things that were ACTION oriented and I cried too. Finally for me Mccains secret weapon is his wife. She wears the most beautiful clothes, her fine leather bag match her fine leather boots, her beautiful suits and elegant hair. McCains wife is such a beautiful fashion plate and we could see her representeing us well in terms of dress. I think Mrs. Mc Cain would take the Jackie Kennedy legacy seriously and for those of you who do not know Camelot was the name given to the JFK adminstration by Jackie Kennedy becuase of the style and grace brought to the white house. Jackie renovated the white house, made Georgetown popular, and her attire and mannerisms was imitated. Camelot was not just about JFK. I have a lot of respect for Mrs. Obama, I appreciate Barack Obama’s choice and the picture on the revamped website of Obama’s family is just gorgeous I think she looks really nice when she concedes to what’s right for her body and wears athletic clothing and long lines but she ain’t no Jackie and I’m not holding it against her, but if you want to call up old legacies let’s be fair, let’s be fair.

Finally I have to run, definitely not spell checked but I ahve to go!


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