A Conversation with the Dwmocratic undecided

In Uncategorized on February 2, 2008 at 12:26 pm

Several weeks ago I met with two democratic undecided friends, their response to Barack Obama as president was pretty interesting. We started talking about the issues. First we discussed Obama’s drug use and one of my friends had a pretty interesting reaction, my very responsible friend pretended to roll a blunt and said oh yeah I like marijuana. Since I am not a drug user I was shocked, I said he did cocaine. My friend said COCAINE! I didn’t know he was a cocaine user. We also went on to talk about abortion and we all agreed that the democrats were pretty awful for doggedly hanging on to abortion but we were voting democrat for a variety of reasons: the war, the extreme high price of gas and the economy. Finally we discussed Obama’s views and his dogged support of partial birth abortion, even to the point of Michelle Obama writing a letter calling the procedure a simple medical procedure between a woman and her doctor. As one of my friends and I continued to talk about this isssue the other friend was doing a slow simmer until this friend hollered loudly “He’s a Baby Killer” I kid you not on this we literally had to calm this person down. We continued to discuss this and it was wondered aloud if the Obama’s were such ardent supporters of third term abortion because they had participated in the procedure at some point in their lives. I think the overwhelming consensus was that Hillary Ckinton would not participate in a procedure like this!


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