Weirdness from the Bank at a Jazz Festival

In Uncategorized on September 9, 2007 at 11:52 pm

Mortgage crisis hits home |

You know the county I live in has the highest foreclosure rate in the nation. I have written about this county often and at one point mistook the vibe from this County as being an Atlanta vibe. I had to realize that though this county is less than five minutes away from Atlanta, that the differences are so keen that one dare not confuse yourself by saying you are from Atlanta if you live here. I would like to add that I hung out in the actual city of Atlanta in Fulton county all summer and it was awesome there were free film festivals, free jazz concerts just a lot of awe some going ons. Their were also a lot of companies and corporations giving out free stuff in Atlanta and they did a great job. My children sure did enjoy Honey Bunches of Oats in the City of Atlanta Fulton county this year, they enjoyed Popsicles courtesy of TBS, and some other stuff that I just don’t remember.

Well back to Dekalb, they can’t even do give aways right. The Washington Mutual Bank was giving away necklaces at a Dekalb event i went to the other day. They were using selective giving to say the least. The procedure went something like this. A lady walked over to the table asked for a necklace and the woman told her ‘i don’t have any.” minutes later we would see new people get necklaces. The lady would walk by and ask for a neckalce. she would be told that they did not have anymore. At one point she walked over to me because i was sitting in site distance of the booth and asked; Is there something wrong with me? Do i need to lose weight? Am I too Old? It was too pathetic? I then decided to go and ask for one myself; the woman told me that she did not have anymore. Well several minutes later the row behind me had a whole row of necklaces. I thought oh they must have some more and I believe that I saw a man handing out necklaces too individuals walking by but when I went to ask for one he said he did not have anymore, he was just fixing the broken ones. I said OK and let the matter go.

However it did concern me that this sort of behaviour was comiing from a major bank that when I had watched the News several weeks ago; the newscasters had to avoid mentioning their involvement in subprime lending and mortgage foreclosures. I heard the bank at one point mentioned in the same breath as Countrywide. The day began with newscasers blaming Washington Mutual and Countrywide in the same breath for the crash. As the day progressed Countrywide emerged as the main culprit. I say all of this to say that I was surprised that these individuals had no clue how to even fairly give out advertising gifts let alone a loan. On the way I mentioned that these people seemed the type of individuals who would do portfolio switching in their investment division, meaning giving a winning portfolio to a friend and passing on the losing portfolio to some poor unknowing wretch who knew nothing about the stock market. Even so I am familiar with the neighborhood, I know people who have a history of paying bills on time who could never get a loan in Dekalb County while people who have a history of serial bankruptcies easily obtained loans. I suppose they were slim and young enough to get a loan from Dekalb County lenders, they got a necklace :). (madness) (creepiness) writing live from the National Foreclosure capital of the United States. Hopefully this site will not be hacked into as the past ones have been, that’s why I stopped writing, but if anything seems to strange please email me through this blog and I’ll send you a screen shot.


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