Astronaut’s arrest reveals down-to-earth frailty

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Astronaut’s arrest reveals down-to-earth frailty

In a perfect life we are all entitiled to do something totally dumb. I’m not angry at this woman. I do believe NASA should draft an antifraternization policy pronto especially as it relates to married “living together” individuals. Individuals who violate this policy should be suspended from the progtam.

Still, the most disturbing fact about this story is that Lisa Novak went into space in 2006. If and a big if she had more in mind than talking and did indeed plan to murder her rival, it is scary to think what could have happened on the spaceship if one of Bill’s women had flown up there with her, we could have lost another ship. I could articulate the previous statement more coherently but I can’t think of anything else to say but,

Don’t Mess With Bill

Don’t Mess with Bill

Don’t Mess With Bill

Don’t Mess with Bill

Don’t Mess With Bill

Don’t Mess with Bill

It’s not funny but it seems to be oh so naughty gossip. A God has Fallen!!!!! I honestly hope that this is resolved with the recognition that Lisa Novak had a bad moment in a perfect life and we are all entitled to that. I suppose I’m on the bad girl’s side, but the other woman if that’s what we could call her should have called NASA instead of the police, she probablay knew who was following her then again myabe not. I leave thinking the other woman is just not a team player because the first thing I thought is, Can the Space Shuttle Program Handle this? The other woman should have also thought of that prior to filing a restraining order against Lisa Novak. The bottom line is I hope the other woman never goes up in space because though Lisa Novak’s coping skills are totally gone, the other woiman never considered the space program when she was filing her complaints against a NASA astronaut.

  1. No, the other woman did the right thing. Sorry, on this you are just falling prey to identifying with the ‘bad girl’ and sweeping away the astronaut’s blame.

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