Re: Milton County and Suceeding from the City of Atlanta Fulton County

In Uncategorized on January 29, 2007 at 1:49 am

Today I received a comment from a reader today that I chose not to publish. I regret not publishing the comment because from my perspective the thinking associated with it is just plain wrong and out dated. The printable portions of the comment meaning non derogatory portions of the comment were the whites of the proposed Milton County did not and should not have to use their tax dollars to pay for blacks to attend Public Schools. You know I would like to add that while this may have once been true that Northern Atlanta contributed a significant amount of tax dollars into educating everyone’s children. I can honestly say that under the guidance of Mayor Shirley Franklin, this is definitely not true anymore. The core and the center of the wealth in Atlanta will emerge to be Upper Downtown, Midtown, and Buckhead. Real Estate is expereincing a significant Renaissance in these intown neighborhoods.

While North Atlanta may have very nice homes I really think that the proposed Milton County will lose more from not being in Fulton County Atlanta then it will gain. Mayor Shirley played to win and she has created a jewel of a city which can only go up in prestige and importance. Every piece of Real Estate in this city is valuable. Some people are saying that Urban Atlanta is in the process of building an area to rival the Chicago mile and it will be called the Midtown mile. At this point Atlanta has come into it’s own and Milton County will be what it’s going to be but it will not be Atlanta and some of it’s residences will still be saying they live in Atlanta when they live in Milton County. Let me take the time to say that I do not live in Atlanta I live in the suburbs of Atlanta and can honestly say that while I am not ashamed to say where I live, I don’t live in Atlanta and I live in a typical area that takes on the form of all areas that are not in the city, we have a mall, a chain hotel and a gas station in the city and the county I live in. We do not have a zoo, an aquarium, major hotels, a museum, an opera, a major league ball team of any kind, etc. I think I’ve drawn a big picture for you to see. However if anyone asks I’m from Atlanta, but I’m not. As for the Milton County,Johns Creek Folks when someone asks where are you from? What do you say?

  1. – What happens to the schools built in North Fulton? Can a Milton School System be formed?
    – Would a Milton School System have to buy existing schools from Fulton County Schools?
    – If SPLOST III passes will Milton residents continue paying the 1% sales tax to Fulton Schools until it expires in 2012?
    – What are the boundaries on the southern side of Milton are you including Buckhead?
    – If Buckhead is included would the schools be purchased from Atlanta Public Schools?
    – How do you handle the all of the bonds predicated on the existence of Fulton County? Won’t they all need to be restructured?
    – Will taxes in Milton County be reduced or frozen by statute?
    – How much will it cost to build Milton jails, courts, sheriff’s office and libraries?
    – Would county facilities need to be purchased from Fulton County like Sandy Springs paid for Fire Department buildings?
    – What happens with the contribution to MARTA from what would be Milton. Does it go away?
    – What happens to the funding for Grady?
    – Will the referendum to form the county be a countywide Fulton vote?

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