Down in the Dumps at Honors Day

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With all that I’ve blogged about in the last two days regarding education I’m thinking to myself if anyone reads this I know that they can’t possibly think I could complain more about my children’s education. Well to tell you the truth right now I have no other complaints regarding education except I wish my son’s teacher would stop allowing other children to check his paper. I have requested this before with a prior teacher who used this practice and she ignored me and since this is something he just started this semester I wish he would stop. However, though I am settled and comforted by both of my children’s teachers this part of the year, unfortunately this has not been the case and it came out in an unfortunate outburst last week in the middle of honors day. There is an award that my son’s schools gives and it is called the rising star award and what it essentially boils down to in most cases is the “loser” award in the school. This semester my son who is on the honor roll was chosen for the Rising Star Award. I thought to myself oh he’s getting the rising star award because the teacher plans on placing him on the Principals list. Well my mother who always comes to the children’s awards ceremonies told me to call the teacher and tell my son dd not want the award. I thought is is rising star which means my child will be on the Principals List next semester. So i go to Honor’s Day. The first teacher up is a teacher my son began the year with and I found her so unbearable I literally withdrew my child out of the school to avoid her. I speak to the parent next to me and tell her that I literally have to restrain myself from booing because she was such an awful teacher and human being. I also restrain myself from taking her picture so I can put her in the memory book as being that terrible teacher my son has. As I look at her class Notice that all of the girls are in the front and all of the boys are in the back. As she calls the awards I soon realize she has arranged her class in the order of the type of awards they will get. Nobody gets a principals list award in her class and if I am remembering correctly not one boy received an honor roll award. All of the boys if they received an award were given an academic achievement award which means all the boys were given at least one C.

She’s gone finally we get to my son’s teacher as he goes through the names, he gets to my son gives him his honor roll award and then states Boy when he came to me his grades were in the dumps. I refrained from saying Boo and taking a Dartboard picture of my son’s teacher but something in me could not restrain from hollering out well he has six honor roll certificates and he has been on the honor roll in Virginia and Georgia and he is a good student. I could not hel but defend my first born. However when the Principal hollered out I’m going to have to ask you to leave if you disrupt the ceremony. I had to say Ms. Blank, my son’s prior teacher had been a terrible teacher and honestly it was not necessary to say his grades had been in the dumps. I then walked out, I later heard that the principal had told my son’s current teacher to repeat the statement.

In any event as a parent I want to share the situation my son was in at the beginning of the year. My son started to bring home bad grades, I thought what is happening I suppose I need to work harder in helping him but I thought still these grades did not make sense because they were not weighted; this lady was just adding up a group of papers and getting a grade and that was my major argument she was not using the county mandated scale where class participation was 50% homework was 10% test and quizzes were 30% and a project was 10%. This, when I conferenced with the Principal was going to be my basic argument. Until the Friday before the conference I actually looked at one of the papers and thought “Oh My God” My son has gotten the answers correct. My son is usually an A student in Social Studies and I saw a huge thirty-two on his paper and I looked at it and the two answers that were marked wrong were actually correct. One paper is an error but four and five papers is unforgivable and deliberate. Well when I spoke to the teacher and asked her how she graded her papers she said straight from the book, the principal requested a manual and my son’s answers were correct. The principal conceded to the teacher in one case where she said my son had only gotten seventy-five percent of the answer correct so it was therefore wrong. In my heart I strongly disagreed if a child could get seventy-five percent of the answer right he should get 3/4 credit. In any event. The teacher also had a long list of missing grades in socials studies the teacher said were current events, I asked her how could this be considering I sat in front of the computer every Thursday and pointed my son to google news for a current event article. She then told me that she required two current events a week which when I went to parent day did not register in my mind the two book reports did but I never heard two current events. My next question for her was what was going on in science my son had missed one assignment and actually it was my fault because I had pulled it out of his folder for him to do and never given it back to him and he had a low grade where otherwise he would have had a high B. This went with weighting grades and when I cam out of the conference I was under the impression that this teacher did what she wanted to do and ignored the County mandates for weighted grades. I also thought she was lying because I asked why did I see over 12 social studies grades and only 4-6 science grades she explained that the two current events a week covered that which I knew was a blatant lie because my son had had to turn in a current event every week for social studies and it did not stop after three weeks. I do remember her telling me that her class had not started science because she could not find the books but then she and the principal made up a really strange story about three weeks of science and three weeks of social studies that I never understood. In any event the conference was terrible and the teacher was terrible. So I really should apologize to my son’s teacher because my son was down in the dumps, he had been placed on probation for Safety Patrol and was really distraught after leaving this women’s class. He told me that all she said was really bad stuff to he and the other children and he literally felt like rocks were in his head. He now has a new teacher who he likes very much.

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