Putting an Issue to Rest

In Uncategorized on January 28, 2007 at 8:03 pm

The issue of enrolling in this gifted department at this school has been put to rest in my mind. I still do believe there was an extreme bias in my daughters case but such is life. I am grateful that my daughter reminded me about the Gifted program because she just wanted to be in on the naming of the Panda Bear at the Zoo that her classmate who is in discovery told her about. The classmate entered in Kindergarten and is the daughter of a teacher at the school and the relative of the librarian at the school. I suppose this student is more gifted than my child, she did take home all of the performance awards last year at the Kindergarten graduation. Then again I have no idea what her ITBS scores were. In any event when my son was my daughters age I had a family pass to the zoo. I suppose it’s time to get a new family memebership.

I hope that there is no backlash from my blogging about the gifted issue and the school. Last year when I called the school and told them that I could not volunteer for the Book Fair because of another obligation. The school sent me a letter threatening to send me to a social worker for supposedly five unexcused absences. When I called the school and told them that I had sent a letter, they told me that they had needed certified doctors excuses and the absences were unexcused. This year in the school manual it specifically stated that a note from the parent was OK, but who knows with this school. The day before I was to have a conference about, and with my child’s teacher and basically her attitude my daughters ballet shoe turned up missing out of her book bag. Several days after I called the principal and told him I would show the non standard and illiterate writings of his teacher if my daughter was not taken out of this woman’s class. The counselor called me and told me that my daughter skirt was too short and even after I said OK she kept arguing with me where there was no argument. My daughter has been out of school this year she missed four days close to Christmas for a doctor certified strep throat, and additional days for the flu. When my daughter returned to school I also learned that a classmate had had the strep also. I told the school she had strep throat and the flu. I hope someone does not lie just because I’m expressing my feelings. Living in the South is like living in a place that you’ve never been before.


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