Location of Links and Blogging

In Uncategorized on August 13, 2006 at 12:02 pm

For some reason various news outlets have been publishing different news articles pointing to the same hyperlink. For example an article is updated and instead of giving the updated article a hyperlink of its own a new article appears where the old article was. An example of this is when I linked to a BBC Article BBC NEWS Middle East UN warns on Mid-East ‘war crimes’ The hyperlink that I used to point to this article is no longer valid and now points to UN rights body backs Israel probe.

To further emphasize the problem here is a screen shot from a google search that I did of the first article still pointing to the old location, when you click on the article you get a different article all together. The article is still on the net but has been given a different address because the second listing is the actual article. This practice is essentially undermining the internet which is based on Hypertext, being able to obtain related information at a click.


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