blackhippychick | Hezbollah enmeshed Lebanon’s social fabric

In Uncategorized on August 11, 2006 at 10:13 pm Hezbollah enmeshed Lebanon’s social fabric

This is a really great article that discusses the infrastructure of Hezbollah other than the war machine. I will be saving this article for future reference of Hezbollah. It would be an interesting article for students to read and study. I will be printing it and allowing my son to take it to school this year.

There are however two things that are disturbing about the article, the first one is that Israel has the goal of destroying even the good institutions of Hezbollah according to the article:

“In a recent interview with The Associated Press in Jerusalem, Israeli Army spokesman Capt. Jacob Dallal said Hezbollah institutions, not just military infrastructure, should be crippled. “

Dallal is further quoted as saying the following:

“In the war on terror in general, it’s not just about hitting an army base, which they don’t have, or a bunker. It is also about undermining their ability to operate … . That ranges from incitement on television and radio, financial institutions and, of course, other grass-roots institutions that breed more followers, more terrorists, training bases, obviously, schools,” he said.”

The second disturbing point aboutthis article is that Hezbollah is the social services organization for Lebanon. Hezbollah is the organization providing for the poor. If there were no Hezbollah in Lebanon the poor would have no schools, no hospitals, nothing.

As for the United States, in an administration who would like to broker out social services to religious organizations, Hezbollah is obviously a model worth studying. As far is the complete destruction of Hezbollah, I am still perplexed that this war was started by the kidnapping or capture of two Israeli soldiers, I have yet to figure out what is the truth regarding the incident but the United States did not flatten any one’s city when our hostages were taken in the 70’s. I fail to realize why we should tolerate the actions of Israel when we would not even take those actions ourselves ,but negotiated a settlement for our live hostages. At the time of the United States Hostage situation, I was an elementary student in D.C. and remember the whole school going down to the highway so we could wave at the hostages on the bus as they returned from the Middle East. Even with this incident the United States never had innocent blood on their hands.

Finally when the Israeli Captain above discusses ending Hezbollah, what he is essentially discussing is genocide and genocide is something that no one should support. The holocaust in Germany was an attempt at genocide and the more Israel participates in genocidal tactics in the Middle East, the more they bring into question whether their incident of genocide is even worth contemplating and studying anymore. The Jewish people have worked for years to bring attention to the holocaust, it would be a shame if other would dedicate themselves generationally upon generation to discuss the genocidal policies of Israel towards Hamas and the Lebanese.


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