BBC NEWS | Middle East | UN warns on Mid-East ‘war crimes’

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BBC NEWS Middle East UN warns on Mid-East ‘war crimes’ (New Link Location)

BBC NEWS Middle East UN warns on Mid-East ‘war crimes’ (Old Link Location)

This article warns that Hezbollah and Israel could be facing war crimes charges; Hezbollah for using civilians as shields and launching bombs, and Israel for senseless unremitting bombing.

The problem here is that Hezbollah did not start launching the bombs, they are retaliating for the actions of Israel. I fail to see why they would face war crime charges for defending their country.

The United States and Israel state that they are upset because people are not blaming Hezbollah for launching two hundred rockets a day into Israel; however the fact is these rockets are not killing too many people, and I even question whether the twelve soldiers that were hit were not even deliberately placed in the line of fire to be hit. In addition, Hezbollah started launching bombs after Israel started to launch bombs. Personally I don’ t think they can be brought up for war crimes for responding to a bomb. It just does not make sense.

Another thing the article emphasizes is how irate the U.S. and Israel are because people are against Israel. The only response I have to this is that the Bush Administration must be looking at the situation through a different lens then the rest of the world. What I see is that Hezbollah did something possibly “naughty”, if alleged, they kidnapped two Israeli soldiers, though most none CNN media sources agree that the soldiers were on Lebanese territory and were therefore captured. In any event they did something naughty and Isreal instead of responding by negotiations, protesting to the U.N., creating a media frenzy, and using diplomatic tactics preceded to blow Lebanon off the map, all the while telling Lebanon that they were their friends and it was not against them, but against Hezbollah and consistently and constantly bombing Lebanon to the ground. This is what I see and this is what the world sees. However the citizens of the United States see a lot of other things, the only problem is the leaders of the United States and specifically Great Britain see everything though a different lens.


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