Races in 3 States May Help Determine Power in House

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Races in 3 States May Help Determine Power in House

Reports are that Cynthia McKinney the controversial congresswoman lost her seat to Hank Johnson. I have to admit I knew the election was today but I did not vote. I did not vote for Hank Johnson because I am slightly suspicious of all men in the Fourth District based on the personal experience of trying to collect child support, lost records, failure to respect documents, a CEO that is accused of rape but claims it is a menage tois, an elected sheriff shot by the former sheriff, you understand. However, the CEO has brought good things a new mall which prior to his election was not happening, a summer concert series with A list jazz artists within walking distance from my home, a jazz and blues festival that I attended several weeks ago that I really had a great time at because the county took the time to think about my children by having giant bouncy things that they had a great time with, the county also provided arts and crafts for my children to create at the jazz and blues festival, plus the acts which were Alex Bugnon and Michael Franks as well as many other jazz artists were awesome. While we have our problems in this county I have to say that the CEO has gone out of his way to make Dekalb County and our area the Lithonia area, the place where the Coretta Scott King funeral was held an overall nice place to live.

The day before the election I was ambivalent about voting several thoughts were running through my head. One of them was why not give a man a chance for a change and then I thought about my former child support problems, they were solved actually by calling the governors office and then the President’s office. You would have to know how severe the problem was to understand what happened. In any event I thought well maybe not a man for this district. However later on that night for the second time I listened to the debate between Cynthia McKinney and I knew that I would not be voting for Cynthia, I knew that actually I would not be voting for several reasons. Cynthia seemed to be really angry, she almost seemed ready to clock Hank, at that point I discovered that she really had a problem. I understand that she’s upset about the world but the inability to appreciate the gift that had been given to her as a congresswoman elected 6 times was overwhelming. Life is good for Cynthia, she’s successful, working on her PHD at U.C. Berkeley and has a nice life, while it’s OK to feel animosity towards the U.S. sometimes one has to relax and smell the roses and say thank God I can go see Erykah Badu at Chastain Park and have a good time with wine and the picnic basket, Cynthia seemed far removed from this. A question that she did not answer well enough for me was, what would you do for all people of your district, mainly republicans and independents, her response was district days, this was an answer that made me wonder if she even knew what Republican issues were such as tax breaks for small businesses, less taxation etc. District Days was an unacceptable answer. Finally what made me say NO to voting, and NO to voting for Cynthia was when in her Summary she attacked Hank Johnson and who was funding him; while Hank Johnson said what he would do for this district “jobs”, get a clue Cynthia. In her summary Cynthia acted as if she was entitled to be our congresswoman and how dare Hank Johnson run against her. In a democratic society any one qualified to run can run, Hank ran, Hank won. Sorry Cynthia you’ve been dethroned and this time I honestly hope you don’t run again. It’s time to put your skills, talents, and beliefs into other avenues. It is ironic that Americans ultimately don’t want activists representing them that’s why Nader, the man resposible for the clean air and water act has not yet been elected President. I believe some of the things that Cynthia believes but I also believe that those chosen to represent African Americans should have something within that keeps them from acting on their impulses. I don’t want my daughter or son thinking its OK to clock a police officer because for them it’s not and could ultimately get them placed in jail. Finally I also encourage my children to be very careful of the company they keep and using profanity in “public” is just not acceptable. One of Cynthia’s colleagues used profanity to a media camera man and while I could have swallowed the incident with the police officer because it was not on camera. I could not handle the profanity and I had to question why with all of the talented people I know personally in this district she chose this man to walk with.

Finally I say congratulations and I hope that Hank will continue to run. I hope Congressman Johnson is not intimidated by this district. I observed Denise Majette being intimidated several times at District meetings by black voters angry that she had won. One incident that comes to mind is while at a district meeting Denise Majette spoke on Child Care, Head Start and No Child left Behind, I thought she did a great job and of course I clapped. I was the only one in the room that clapped and received angry stares from the others in the room. I thought Denise Majette was a wonderful person and when I heard Hank Johnson being attacked by Cynthia for daring to run against her, this struck a serious nerve. Cynthia McKinney does not own the seat. In any event this is the extent by which Cynthia is liked in my district by older individuals, however the demographics in this county are changing and while younger people are interested in Civil Rights, they are also interested in business issues and money, furthermore I honestly would not discount the role that Katrina victims played in this election.


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