blackhippychick Business – Land Rover could be sweetener in Jaguar sale

In Uncategorized on August 7, 2006 at 10:21 am Business – Land Rover could be sweetener in Jaguar sale

Buying Jaguar was not a mistake by Ford. The mistake for Ford came when they tried to make the Jaguar look like a Ford Taurus with a J sign. For years I have marveled at how Ford destroyed the Jaguar brand, my very overactive imagination went so far as to say Ford bought Jaguar just to detroy its good name. I don’t know how Jaguar turned into a Ford Taurus with a J on it, so it might be the best thing for Ford to sell so buyers don’t associate the two brands again.

For the buyers of Jaguar the car company; I would reccomend that they reknew their commitment to clean and classic design first of all, it’s going to cost some money to hire several car designers to whip the brand in shape; and knowing Ford the quality may have slipped, take quality back where it was. What ultimately Ford failed to realize is that Jaguar was truly a luxury brand which meant different assembly and design considerations than a Taurus or an F150; and I love the F150. The F150 is the best looking truck that I know of.

One brand that seems to be handling the transition well is Daimler Chrylser. Chrysler has taken off with the merger with Benz.

Discussion of the overall Ford Turnaround can be found at the Washington Post: at the following links: Ford to Focus on N. American Turnaround; Fords quarterly loss blooms to 254 M .


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