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In Uncategorized on August 6, 2006 at 12:36 pm U.N. Security Council resolution key elements

The Houston Chronicle lays out the basics of the U.N. Security plan for peace in Lebanon.

There are some serious problems with the plan. The first one and as the Houston Chronicle states “the overly broad language” as it regards to Israel’s definition of self defense. A skirmish on the border and the capturing of prisoners on Lebanese territory does not and will not ever justify the destruction of the whole country. Self defense for most reasonable individuals does not have to be defined but in this case a definition of self defense must be clearly stated.

Another tenet of the resolution does not provide for the withdrawal of troops from Lebanon. It is my opinion that Israel attacked Lebanon and Gaza for land, and I’m sure others feel that way also. “Any Old Excuse Will Do” I am further fully more convinced of this after reading an article written in the Washington Post entitled In South Lebanon, a Fierce Fight for Every Yard that paints an almost idyllic picture of Southern Lebanon: the writer writes the following about an elderly man he interviewed in Southern Lebanon:

“Bread?” Abu Ali asked. “We haven’t seen it.”

“He pointed to a small garden plot across the street, withering from too little water. There were tomatoes, beans, okra and sunflowers standing vigil. Behind his home was a grapevine, and along an alley was a bountiful fig tree, its fruit still green.”

“If the war keeps going, we’ll just eat grapes,” he said.”


How awesome! The sad part is that the carnage and destruction that the world is seeing and is repelled by is a reality of life for the individuals the author interviewed; and has been for thirty years. It is my opinion that in the least the U.N. must include a time table for when Israel will leave Lebanon. The Israslis are emotionally connected to land and the possession of it. They held on to the goal of living in the Middle East for 3000 years. As stated before in this post and many times in this blog I believe this attack was for land and Israel has attacked before for land and if the U.N. security council fails to acknowledge this they will attack again. At this point the buildings of Lebanon have been bombed, the people have been killed, the majority of bridges have been knocked out, they have no electricity, and even the hospitals can no longer see patients. A cease fire was needed before all of this happened, before the killings and destruction. At this point the Lebanese have no more to lose and must fight for a resolution that makes sure that this never happens again. Honestly if Israel felt that rebels stole their soldiers why bomb the whole country? Why? Finally Lebanon has reached the point where the war is theirs to win and in the end what could only happen now is that Israelis casualties will start to mount, Lebanon should negotiate for a plan that guarantees that this will never happen again. To summarize the above statements, Lebanon has reached the point where negotiations for just peace are meaningless and just lip service.

Another item of the resolution is the Hezbollah be disarmed, this is not a bad thing but since Hezbollah managed to prevent Israel from continuing their cruel and inhumane occupation in Southern Lebanon before, Lebanon should quietly begin recruiting these individuals into or as the Lebanese Military. Lebanon should not object to this. Make the individuals that protected the country in the past the military.

Another item is to restrict arms sales to the National government of Lebanon, prior to agreeing to this Lebanon probably has to sit down with Hezbollah and discuss how this will be done, I don’t think this should be a problem for Hezbollah or Lebanon. I would however provide that a secret service be allowed that helps to protect Lebanon because it is the way that Hezbollah fights that has protected Lebanon in the past.

Finally it calls for a release of two soldiers. The question is are those soldiers even still alive or have they been bombed to the ground? Hopefully they have not. As for Lebanese prisoners if this is to be treated as a “real” agreement to a “real” war. Meaning after all major wars war prisoners were released, all prisoners of war from both sides should be released. Anything less is only stating that the conflict is not over and a lasting peace between both parties is not intended. Both sides need to release the prisoners if not to each other than to the U.N. for trial for war crimes.

According to the Washington Post in the article U.S., France Agree On Plan to Halt Lebanon Fighting : “The Bush administration is working behind the scenes to win support, hoping for the proposal to be put in final form Monday and a vote to be held Tuesday.”


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