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This is in response to the comment on my blog about the Washington Post article Gibson’s Remarks in Spotlight After Arrest
I agree with your friend. There is a diplomatic solution to all of these problems. I honestly think that if Israel would have consistently and constantly brought the incidents to the attention of the United Nations and the Arab League and kept pressing the issue, like say the civil rights movement in the United States that was won by non-violence that quite a few Jewish and Black individuals lost their lives for, then Israel would probably have what they want by now. I think if someone would make some sort of concerted effort to see that the whole region thrives and people have a reason for living besides stress, then violence could and would be avoided.

We only have to look at Hussein’s hold on Iraq, and how according to the Washington Post article Waiting to get Blown Up and the words of an American Soldier who says the following:

“They say we’re here and we’ve given them freedom, but really what is that? You know, what is freedom? You’ve got kids here who can’t go to school. You’ve got people here who don’t have jobs anymore. You’ve got people here who don’t have power,” he said. “You know, so yeah, they’ve got freedom now, but when they didn’t have freedom, everybody had a job.”

We know from reading this comment that Saddam Hussein was not thrown over by the majority of his people because he provided for the basic needs of his people economic, social, educational etc. The United States overthrew him. What the Israelis must realize is that when a suicide bomber agrees to give their life to the cause of Hamas their family is taken care of for the rest of their lives. Instead of bombing the people to death destroying their homes, their gardens, their means of transportation, their factories for making a living, their mosques etc. Israel might consider using a lot more compassion and using some of the money that flows into Israel from bankers, physicians, and scientists into making life better for all people in the Middle East. There is a human side to the issue and the media has touched on it a little Palestinians and Israelis in bomb shelters both hysterical because of the killing. I think in Israel as in the United States there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that regular people are never told unless you attempt to put the pieces together. As an American I am ashamed that Iraq has gone from a thriving city with museums, hospitals, the best higher education in the middle east to just a dirt road with the appearance of a poverty stricken third world country which it is not. I am disturbed by a lot of things which I just don’t want to discuss right now. However the Israeli people must realize that what is going on is wrong. If Israel is to thrive their vision must be regional and not just for Israel. Eventually they must begin to feel the same pain for the citizens of the Middle East that the other countries collectively feel. The Middle East is in collective pain for Lebanon and Gaza if the Israeli citizens not leaders are not feeling this pain for what can only be called mass murder then they have to reconsider their reasons for being in the region. Ultimately Israel should look towards making middle east alliances and not U.S. ones if they really want a viable quality future in the region.

Finally we only have to look at what we’ve done in this conversation to know that diplomacy works. Most people prefer peace even militants. However diplomacy is a lot more work than dropping a bomb on a building or convincing someone to blow themselves up at a wedding.

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This is the same person. I’m just putting “Anonymous” because it’s easier.

The Gaza stuff was all in the newspapers before this flare-up in Lebanon. That was going on for a few weeks. Maybe you didn’t pay attention to it, but it was definitely there. My girlfriend is a left-wing Israeli who was complaining about the decision to invade Gaza rather than negotiate for the release of thousands of prisoners in return for the one soldier. I happen to disagree with her, under the theory that it would embolden further acts of the same kind by those who hate and want to destroy Israel.

It was in the papers, though; I read about it myself in the Washington Post. Stop blaming your ignorance on conspiracies, and try to observe the world without casting aspersions on the press of America beyond what they deserve.

Israel has no interest in Gaza other than it not being a threat to Israelis. Israel wanted to give Gaza back to Egypt when they transferred the Sinai, but Egypt didn’t want it because its residents caused too much trouble to whatever government was left in charge of them. There is nothing there but an extremely dangerous and political slum. Gaza produces nothing other than terrorism and never has.

The problem with Ariel Sharon falling sick is that he spent years establishing himself as someone that the Palestinians feared and did not want to cross. He showed that he meant business. When he fell ill, it emboldened Hamas to act up again, forcing Olmert to attempt to re-establish that Israel is not a force with which one wants to fuck. That was the problem, much like it was when Yitzhak Rabin was killed. The difference is that Rabin was assassinated and Sharon was an old, fat, stressed out man. You really need to stop looking for conspiracies everywhere. Sometimes things are exactly what they seem.

The real issue that the majority of right-wing Israelis had with Sharon wasn’t Gaza but the threat of losing any part of the West Bank. Almost everyone in the entire country basically wishes that Gaza would cease to be, or at least be somewhere far away from them, isolated and unable to be any kind of threat to the civilians of Israel.

Of course Israel has tried to assassinate Hamas leaders. Hamas members are terrorists, plain and simple, much like the members of Hezbollah. Hamas and Hezbollah have stated, unequivocally, their intent to drive the Jews into the sea. Killing their leaders is just part of the ongoing war of self-preservation that Israel faces every day. I’m sure you’re incapable of understanding that, but it needs to be said.

Israel was attacked in 1948 upon declaring independence from the British. It has been fighting every single day since then to stay alive. How many Muslim organizations have you heard of that have decried suicide bombings of marketplaces? On the other hand, how many Muslim politicians have claimed that the Holocaust did not happen? All Israel wants is to be left alone. If you lived in a country where every few weeks there was a September 11th, only on a smaller scale, you would understand.

Peace sounds good, but in our current incarnation, human beings are incapable of it. We all wish that this were not the case, but since it is, anyone who wishes to live has a right and a duty to fight to do so, as hard as is necessary. If that means working, you work. If it means military action, you employ military action. It’s that simple.

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