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First of all I would like to thank you for taking the time to leave a
comment on my blog. I appreciate your response.

In response to my comments regarding the article in the Washington Post, I would like to say the following:

Second of all I would like to say that, Israel’s official release for going
to war with the Palestinians was because one soldier was kidnapped/captured.
There official reason for going to war with Lebanon is that two soldiers
were captured/caught. In regards to Lebanon most news reports are saying
that the Israelis soldiers were not kidnapped, but captured because they
were on Lebanese territory. As for predictability I predicted that Israel
would try to get Gaza back when I saw that the former Prime Minister was
mysteriously struck down almost to death with a sudden illness, My comment
to myself at that time was that he had been hit with some sort of e -weapon
and the reason was drum roll because of Gaza and the desire of Israel to
reoccupy that territory so it came as no surprise when I was reading another
blog and came upon a link analyzing the Lebanese war that happened to
mention that Israel was also in Gaza. I found it rather strange that no
Western media outlet had reported this until the Lebanese war began. I
found out that Israel was fighting the Palestinians from Asia Times, a
publication out of China a so called communist country, are we not trying to
spread democracy but China is reporting information like they are a
democratic nation and our media is hiding information from us like we are in
some form of dictatorship. At t his point I can no longer believe what the
Israelis are putting out. Several months I saw an article which stated that
Israel had tried to assassinate the elected Hamas leader at an airport. I
wrote about it and then went back to cite the article, every last article
references this event had been removed. I thought I was crazy until I
started reading blogs and International publications that referenced the
assassination attempts by Israelis. I do think its terrible that anyone has
to be terrorized by bombs, has to be forced out of their homes at gun point,
has to have their holy places bombed, their weddings bombed etc.but I have
also read about the culture of the oppressed and I know that suicide bombers
and guerrilla tactics emerge out of a culture of oppression and any time a
country feel that they have the right to level another country at a whim,
the recipients are oppressed.

In any case as regards to blacks being made fun of and negative things being
said about them they are being said all the time. The former Secretary of
Education Bill Bennett said if all black babies were aborted the crime rate
would go down. I have gone to professional meetings and had Bill Cosby
touted as a hero for attacking the black poor and this particular field
that I have training in is a technical field where usually race does not
come into discussion. While people never say negative things concerning
African Americans they don’t have to because daily their actions tell me
what they think of African Americans reflected in the high numbers of
unemployed blacks, the high incarceration rates of blacks, the digital
divide, the educational divide, the life expectancy, the male to female
ratio etc. etc. etc. So I can honestly say as far as racists go for me at
least they are honest. As for me I could always get along with racists in
the different environments because they did not like blacks; they were not
trying to put us in categories as a good one and a bad one, one with
hair versus nappy hair, a single mother versus a married mother etc. etc.
etc. The racists could always be brought around with decent and quality work
while the others were still stuck on who was pretty or who was the most
willing to kiss their butt. The racist could ultimately be brought around
with good quality work while the others sat around and waited for cues on
how to treat other blacks from their pet black. I am not a pet.

Finally I would like to say that if thousands of blacks took to the streets
and started raping, murdering, stealing, and killing, and all other blacks
condoned it I would have to agree with them blacks are criminals

In regards to Israel, the facts are 4 U.N. posts have been bombed, Moving
conveyances with innocent individuals have been bombed, hundreds and
probably thousands of people have been killed by the Israelis, individuals
as young as one day old are in coffins. All of this and not one Jewish
Organization has come forth to denounce the carnage. “NOT ONE”! However we
are supposed to all never forget the holocaust. I bet if the numbers were
counted in the Middle East Israel has probably killed over a million Arabs
since 1948 what about their remembrance. Finally i would like to say that
to continue to sell arms to the Israelis is truly a mistake they have shown
that they are highly irresponsible and incapable of handling weapons. They
should be added to the triple threat. I have heard that Israel has Nuclear
Bombs but for GodsSake I hope not. This is one country that should be
placed on the U.N.’s list for not qualified for weapons in general.

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Subject: [Black Hippy Chick] 7/31/2006 01:06:27 PM

we were clued in to his Anti-Semitism when he produced/directed The Passion
of the Christ. These comments come as no surprise.

Israel didn’t start this war; Hezbollah mimicked the actions of Hamas in
order to spark exactly what has occurred. Israel has a right and a duty to
defend itself, even if it seems deplorable to members of the world who have
never had a family member blown up in a marketplace, or a missile blow up
their home, or a friend kidnapped.

Would you feel differently if Gibson had produced a movie that was an
unsatirical minstral show, and then said that blacks were responsible for
all the crime in America?

Posted by Anonymous to Black Hippy Chick at 7/31/2006 01:06:27 PM

  1. This is the same person. I’m just putting “Anonymous” because it’s easier.

    The Gaza stuff was all in the newspapers before this flare-up in Lebanon. That was going on for a few weeks. Maybe you didn’t pay attention to it, but it was definitely there. My girlfriend is a left-wing Israeli who was complaining about the decision to invade Gaza rather than negotiate for the release of thousands of prisoners in return for the one soldier. I happen to disagree with her, under the theory that it would embolden further acts of the same kind by those who hate and want to destroy Israel.

    It was in the papers, though; I read about it myself in the Washington Post. Stop blaming your ignorance on conspiracies, and try to observe the world without casting aspersions on the press of America beyond what they deserve.

    Israel has no interest in Gaza other than it not being a threat to Israelis. Israel wanted to give Gaza back to Egypt when they transferred the Sinai, but Egypt didn’t want it because its residents caused too much trouble to whatever government was left in charge of them. There is nothing there but an extremely dangerous and political slum. Gaza produces nothing other than terrorism and never has.

    The problem with Ariel Sharon falling sick is that he spent years establishing himself as someone that the Palestinians feared and did not want to cross. He showed that he meant business. When he fell ill, it emboldened Hamas to act up again, forcing Olmert to attempt to re-establish that Israel is not a force with which one wants to fuck. That was the problem, much like it was when Yitzhak Rabin was killed. The difference is that Rabin was assassinated and Sharon was an old, fat, stressed out man. You really need to stop looking for conspiracies everywhere. Sometimes things are exactly what they seem.

    The real issue that the majority of right-wing Israelis had with Sharon wasn’t Gaza but the threat of losing any part of the West Bank. Almost everyone in the entire country basically wishes that Gaza would cease to be, or at least be somewhere far away from them, isolated and unable to be any kind of threat to the civilians of Israel.

    Of course Israel has tried to assassinate Hamas leaders. Hamas members are terrorists, plain and simple, much like the members of Hezbollah. Hamas and Hezbollah have stated, unequivocally, their intent to drive the Jews into the sea. Killing their leaders is just part of the ongoing war of self-preservation that Israel faces every day. I’m sure you’re incapable of understanding that, but it needs to be said.

    Israel was attacked in 1948 upon declaring independence from the British. It has been fighting every single day since then to stay alive. How many Muslim organizations have you heard of that have decried suicide bombings of marketplaces? On the other hand, how many Muslim politicians have claimed that the Holocaust did not happen? All Israel wants is to be left alone. If you lived in a country where every few weeks there was a September 11th, only on a smaller scale, you would understand.

    Peace sounds good, but in our current incarnation, human beings are incapable of it. We all wish that this were not the case, but since it is, anyone who wishes to live has a right and a duty to fight to do so, as hard as is necessary. If that means working, you work. If it means military action, you employ military action. It’s that simple.

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