The Question is not Will Mel Gibson recover, but will the Anti Defamation League Recover?

In Uncategorized on July 31, 2006 at 9:23 pm

In a Washington Post article
concerning Mel Gibson and his anti-Semitic remark that Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world”. The question is will his career recover?

Personally after reviewing the circumstances :
1. He was drunk
2. There was a bloody massacre occurring initiated by the Israelis of Palestinians and residents of Gaza which was totally disproportionate to the incidents that they said caused them resulting in the deaths of hundreds of people and even the day after Mel Gibson made the remarks a bomb was dropped on a building that killed 56 innocent women and children. A city that was obviously thriving and making a come back after ending a long destructive war has been bombed back to the ground.
3. Emotion is allowed.

I think Mel Gibson will recover from his remarks the question is not about Mel, It’s will the Jewish people recover enough from the actions of Israel to ever take a moral high ground again.

There is a saying revolving around moral responsibility that I once read on a Jewish publication that discussed the holocaust. Before the quote it began with a little history, during the holocaust there were Jewish people who actually participated initially in sending other Jews to the gas chambers because they thought they were wealthy enough and better than the other Jews, however eventually they found out that Hitler was after all of the Jews. This resulted in the quote that goes something like this:

“When they came for him you said nothing, when they came for her you said nothing, when they came for me you said nothing, finally when they came for you there was no one to say anything for you”

I say all of this to say the anti defamation league is worried about something that Mel Gibson said when they should be actively working for Peace in the Middle East. The issue of people being killed U.N. personnel, innocent women, children and men is terrible and to know that your group is responsible for it and to not issue a renouncement of the activity destroys the anti defamation leagues whole game of standing up for racist acts and comments. The fact is, is that Israel is behaving in a racist manner. The fact is is that Israel has failed to face the fact that there were people living in Israel when they were given the land by the U.N., the Palestinians and they have been displaced every since. Israel talks about Hamas talking about wanting to wipe them off the map, Israel has wiped Palestine off the map literally. The people have no place to go. They are angry. They are upset. They are asking themselves what did they do to deserve this awful treatment. As for Lebanon, in the south the people did not leave home because they said they were too poor to leave. As I look at photos of shiny new missiles meant to kill the innocent I know that the Israelis are not comprehending poor and hopeless. As I look at the way the Israelis casually destroyed buildings, industries places where people worked, made a living, put food in their mouths. I can not help but think the Anti Defamation league has no purpose anymore besides to serve as a propaganda machine for bad behavior. As for the comments of Mel Gibson they have to be taken into the context of the times. If he’s managed to go fifty or sixty years without saying negative things about a group of people one comment regarding war can be excused.

  1. we were clued in to his Anti-Semitism when he produced/directed The Passion of the Christ. These comments come as no surprise.

    Israel didn’t start this war; Hezbollah mimicked the actions of Hamas in order to spark exactly what has occurred. Israel has a right and a duty to defend itself, even if it seems deplorable to members of the world who have never had a family member blown up in a marketplace, or a missile blow up their home, or a friend kidnapped.

    Would you feel differently if Gibson had produced a movie that was an unsatirical minstral show, and then said that blacks were responsible for all the crime in America?

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