Bin Laden Appears -Straight out of the Orwell Playbook "The Five Minute Hate"

In Uncategorized on July 27, 2006 at 6:52 pm

As United States Public opinion fails to agree with the Bush Administration, something rather strange happens. Bin Laden releases a statement saying he plans to support his Arab brothers. Funny thing is

Everytime the Bush administrations Poll ratings go down,

Bin Laden mysteriously appears. In George Orwell’s 1984 he wrote that the government would have some strange person that the government could never find, could never see and the people would daily have their five minute hate of this mysterious human being. The Bush Administration did not disappoint us as public opinion went South against Bush, out came a statement from the mysterious Bin Laden, when I write this I imagine eastern music and a deep voice saying “BBIIIIIIIIIN LADDDDDDDDEN” “Yeah Right”

Any administration who can watch the carnage going on in the Middle East right now without asking for a cease fire to protect asset’s and people and the beautiful city that the people of Lebanon had worked to build is sick and crazy. Crazy enough to make Bin Laden up or be in cohoots with Bin Laden, after all he did win against Iran, maybe he has another mission to help the United States usher in a new totalitarian Social system which the Bush administration seems to be working towards. Condeleeza Rice on stage yesterday I could see it in her eyes had not given the people of Lebanon a thought, a compassionate thought, a second thought, her only intent while she was on that stage was to deliver what her master told her to. Ms. Poodle!


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