Condeleeza Rice – Secretary of State Of Israel

In Uncategorized on July 26, 2006 at 1:03 pm

Breakdown of Press Conferance Participants

Koffi Annan
Mayor of Lebanon
Mayor Of Italy
Condelleza Rice

There were no representatives for Israel on stage. Can we only assume that Condeleeza Rice is the representative for Israeli interests and not the United States. I am an American citizen and I do not support the murder of U.N. representatives. I do not support the over reaction to incidents, the kidnapping of one or even twenty soldiers does not translate into the killing of hundreds and thousands of people, the bombing and destruction of buildings, three bombings of U.N. outposts, and the constant war mongering of Israel. As an American citizen I am highly disturbed that Condeleeza Rice is representing the interests of Israel and not the interests of the United States. The Bush administration is a rogue administration they have done anything they have wanted to do in the United States, tapped our phones, gone into our banking records, and done whatever they could do to break down our constitution. Now they want to use rogue tactics in the world. Congress and the Senate must show some backbone and rule on the issue of Lebanon. We can no longer allow the Bush Administration to speak for us all because ultimately they do not represent U.S. opinion.


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