The Bush Administration failed to Seek Cease Fire whiles tens of thousands of U.S. Citizens occupied Lebanon

In Uncategorized on July 24, 2006 at 7:41 am

The Bush Administration failed to seek a cease fire even while tens of thousand of Americans occupied Lebanon! Does the Bush administration even care about U.S. citizens, these attitudes definitely support 911 conspiracy theories! Finally even if the Lebanese are not U.S. citizens, individuals that can watch innocent women and children being bombed and killed, whole neighborhoods destroyed in Lebanon and Iraq, support the fact that the Bush administration contains the type of individuals that could kill a large number of people in a terrorist attack. The Bush administration supports destabilization of stable societies. We have psychopaths running the United States government. If anyone wondered what would happen if a so called “crazy man” from a third world society ruled the world what would happen, “lets look at Baby Bush”!!!! Finally, the bombing of South Lebanon was class based, I am assuming that the occupants of South Lebanon were the poorer individuals of the Lebanese society supported by CNN which reported that Hezbollah supported hospitals, schools, and provided social services to Lebanese individuals. I assume that largely the poor were destroyed in the first bombing of Lebanon. Finally the 911 attack was class based, it killed a large number of people of the same social strata who Bush definitely resented for not voting for him. In any case 911 being committed by the Bush administration is just a conspiracy while the refusal to seek a cease fire in Lebanon and the taste of blood in the mouth of the Bush administration is not.


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