CNN conducts Pro-Israeli propaganda War "What a difference a Day Makes"

In Uncategorized on July 24, 2006 at 7:16 am

Several days ago CNN appeared to be reporting just the facts as related to the Lebanese bombing. Now obviously CNN reporters are under a gag order to only be pro Israeli. CNN – most trusted name in NEWS – NOT! Watch the Pro-Israeli puppets paraded up and down as millions of refugees exist in the Middle East. Watch CNN discuss one mons house being bombed while 25,000 Palestinians could possibly be dead. The Propaganda war continues!

Ditto: Washington Post!
Fox: Must get direct orders from the Bush Administration

There was a time when I believed that Palestinians were tent nomads that just occupied a territory moving from place to place until I saw a PBS special which had a woman talking about her stone house that she had been removed from, all she could talk about was her deed and that her house and land had been in her families for years and years and she now had no where to go and they showed her house cordoned off.

Finally, the Israelis are going world wide asking fellow Jews to return to their homeland, some of those people don’t even look like the Jewish people or Semitic that I am historically used to seeing. In such a cramped space maybe a DNA test would tell the truth instead of inviting the world to a land that someone graciously gave to them that was not anyone’s to give because people were living there. If you claim the rights to the land, Let the DNA tell the story!!!!

DNA still pointing African Americans to the countries of their ancestors over 400 years later! DNA works! Israelis try it!


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