[Black Hippy Chick] About to Blog on Theory that Ariel Sharon was Assassinated via E-Weapons Need References

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Sent: Friday, July 21, 2006 10:20 AM
Subject: [Black Hippy Chick] About to blog on theory that Ariel Sharon was
assassinated via E-Weapons need references

Hello everyone I am in the process of blogging that I think that Ariel
Sharon was assassinated via e-weapons based on his stance that Israel would
leave the Gaza Strip. I think one of his countrymen zapped him. This is
being further supported to me by the war in Lebanon – Israel gave Lebanon up
in 2000 and I honestly do believe the current leader is trying to get it
back, and 2. According to the New York Times Israel has dropped leaflets
presidential they would be attacking the Gaza strip.
The quote located:

says the following:

“On Thursday, Israel continued its large-scale air attacks on Hezbollah
positions and equipment. It also leafleted southern Lebanese villages, made
taped phone calls, informed local leaders and broadcast messages in Arabic
to warn residents to move north of the Litany River if their villages
contained Hezbollah assets or rockets, but gave no deadline. “

“Israel dropped similar leaflets on Thursday in Gaza as well, possibly
foreshadowing more attacks on populated areas where Israel believes Hamas is
storing Qassam rockets.”

The Washington Post is also reporting similar comments and warnings by the
Israeli government:

“Using local radio stations and other media, Israel warned the roughly
300,000 Lebanese civilians who live south of the Litany River, which runs
about 25 miles north of Israel’s border with Lebanon, to abandon their

The Washington Post article also has very graphic pictures of the homes of
Lebanese citizens that have been destroyed. There is no way possible that
they can ever come back to their homes.

This indicates to me that Israel is on an unjustified land grab in the
region and the theme for the war based on this being started by the
kidnapping of two corporals is “Any old Excuse will do”. I do not believe
this is about Hezbollah I believe this is about land. I honestly do believe
that Ariel Sharon was assassinated by e-weapons, and I thought that at the
time I saw the intense anger of some of the Jewish people for having to
withdraw from Gaza several months ago.

Essentially if the people evacuate, and have their villages bombed and
destroyed, essentially land will be freed up and I am convinced that Israel
will send new settlers there to these people’s villages.

I would like to add that I am not anti-semetic. Even though I feel bad and
guilt and disgust against the holocaust; this does not give the Jewish
People carte-blanche to run over the rights of others.

I am thanking you in advance for the information.

If you send it blog ready I will send the information on e-weapons directly
to the blog. I would appreciate plain text responses.

The address of my blog is I am also
ccing this to my blog.

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