Condi and Kofi – Bitter Disappointments for Blacks

In Uncategorized on July 20, 2006 at 8:53 pm

As an African American I just want to voice my sincere disappointment and disgust with the fact that two of the highest diplomatic posts in the world are held by people of African descent and the world is going and has gone crazy. I have sat here and watched one genocide after another on the continent of Africa and Kofi has such a remoteness for that continent, it’s almost like he’s not even an African. It’s disappointing that the Head of the U.N. an African citizen lacked the power and the contacts to immediately stop the numerous wars and genocides that have wrecked the African continent for the last several years, and what is happening in Lebanon is totally off the chain and yet Kofi sits there like Buddha.

What I wonder about Condeleeza Rice is, is she really in charge or is she a puppet? There are some Secretary of States that jolt the world into obedience not jolt it almost into a third world war. I look forward to reading books about Condi so I can know what has really gone on during her term. This has been one long black disappointment.

Finally I am happy that I am deeply aware of the accomplishments of Dr. Ralph Bunche who was the first African amortized to receive a Nobel Peace Prize and for a moment achieved Peace in the Middle East.


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