Princess Di, the CIA and Deadly Neckties –

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Princess Di, the CIA and Deadly Neckties –

This story is about Alfayed hiring an investigator to look into the death of Dodi Alfayed and Princess Diana. There’s is also another story circulating about pictures of Diana on oxygen after the crash. I suppose what I wonder and possibly some of the world wonders is if they were able to give her oxygen at the scene why couldn’t they save her life. This is a particular significant issue to me because as a small child I remember watching the wedding from beginning to end and it was just such a beautiful thing. It goes into my childhood memories and to think of what it turned into and the way Diana was ultimately treated is very saddening. Finally to top it off the prince of Wales ended up marrying the mistress that caused so much pain to Princess Diana is disgusting. He looks rather old maybe he will precede his mother in death and never be king. However the legacy of Diana lives within her sons and we see her legacy within them.

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