All Headline News – France Raids House Of MI6 Agent Linked To Princess Diana’s

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All Headline News – France Raids House Of MI6 Agent Linked To Princess
Diana’s Death – July 15, 2006France Raids House Of MI6 Agent Linked To
Princess Diana’s Death

July 3, 2006 7:00 p.m. EST

Matthew Borghese – All Headline News Staff Writer

London, England (BANG) – The dramatic arrest of a former British spy has
been linked to the inquiry into the death of Britain’s late Princess Diana.
French officials raided the home of 42-year-old former MI6 agent Richard
Tomlinson in Cannes, France.
According to Britain’s Daily Express newspaper, personal files and computer
documents were seized. Tomlinson’s yacht was also searched.
A source was quoted as saying: “The French security services carried out
this raid on Tomlinson on the instructions of MI6.”
“Tomlinson has not committed any offense under French law and this shows
that MI6 and the French security services are joined at the hip – just as
they were on the night of Diana’s death.”
The former agent has assisted investigations into the fatal Paris car, which
killed Diana, her boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed and driver of their Mercedes,
Henri Paul.
Tomlinson has been providing the inquiry – lead by former Metropolitan chief
Lord Stevens – with insider information.
It is believed he knew controversial information about Henri Paul’s alleged
links with the MI6.
The source added: “It is certainly true that the authorities in France and
Britain will stop at nothing to prevent Tomlinson from giving evidence.”
Tomlinson has already been imprisoned for writing about his spying
experience and he has previously suggested that a laser gun blinded Henri
Paul, as he drove through the underground tunnel, where the crash took

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