Al-Qaeda is moving to Africa� by Abu Azzam al-Ansari

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Article: “The article in Arabic, titled �Al-Qaeda is moving to Africa� by Abu Azzam al-Ansari provides us with an analysis of all the possible advantages of Africa as a battlefield and greenhouse for global Jihad. Here is the translation of the full text of the article, which speaks very clearly for itself:(2) (taken from Rantburg

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The interest of the Mujahidin of Al-Qaeda in Africa is an old one but has progressed slowly. Al-Qaeda has always been aware of the importance of this huge continent and since its emergence attempted at �feeling its pulse.� Al-Qaeda has carried out there many operations and had a presence there. This all proves the awareness by Al-Qaeda of the importance of this region from many dimensions, as seen also by observers.

Looking at the formative period of Al-Qaeda we can see how many of Al-Qaeda’s military operatives and members came from the various regions of this continent. Some of the most famous operatives came from North Africa: Egypt, Libya, Algeria, and Mauritania. It points out the Jihadi expansion in these areas, and the expertise and skills of the adherents of Al-Qaeda doctrines in a continent where there is a lot of scientific progress. We can also find that the Jihadi doctrines, which are spread in Africa, are stronger than in many other regions. The peak of modern Jihad has emerged mostly in some of the countries of this huge continent.

We can find the following operations that reflect the focus of the Mujahidin on Africa:

� Many operations against Western targets such as in the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

� The big campaign in Somalia where they managed to deport the American occupier.

� Al-Qaeda has been active in the Sudan for a period of time, where it was involved in military operations against the in”

• After September 2001, Al-Qaeda and its supporters carried out number of attacks, such as in Mombassa, in Jerba/Tunisia, in Casablanca, and in Sharm al-Sheikh and Sinai.

The Mujahidin have had a prominent role in North and East Africa, which has so far ended with the recent declaration by Osama bin Laden of a war against the Crusaders that plan to open a front in Darfur/West Sudan.

There is no doubt that Al-Qaeda and the Mujahidin perceive the significance of the African regions for the military campaign against the Crusaders. Many people sense that this continent has not yet found its proper expected role and the next stages of the conflict will see the presence of Africa in the battlefield. Among the most significant advantages of Africa over other regions we can find the following:

• The Jihadi doctrines are spread in many African countries: Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Mauritania, Morocco, Libya, Somalia, Eritrea, and Chad. These countries and others produced many Mujahidin who irrigated the lands of Islam with their blood and sacrificed themselves for the sake of Allah. This Jihadi expansion has old roots in many of the African countries.

• The political and military conditions in most of the African continent, the broad weakness of its governments, and the internal fighting and corruption of these regimes, ease the ability of the Mujahidin to move, plan, and organize themselves, far from being seen. They enjoy in Africa easier operational abilities than in other countries, which have effective security, intelligence, and military capacities.

• This general weakness brought about numerous situations of tribal conflicts in many African countries, and hotfired civil wars that produced groups and individuals willing to heroically sacrify themselves. If these people could be channeled into the line of the Jihad they will have enormous effect in the defense of Islam and the Muslims.

• The wars and conflicts in Africa provide a gold opportunity for the Mujahidin to easily move between different African countries, without any surveillance, and in most cases need only the finance.

• The above mentioned conditions provide huge amount of weapons and military equipment easy to obtain and in most cases much cheaper than in other regions. Weapons are found all over Africa in larger numbers than in any other continent. In many African countries there is no house without a variety of weapons for either offensive or defensive objects.

• The geographical position of Africa is unique and may ease the way for the Mujahidin to take advantage of it, especially that Africa is linked to other continents. It is easy to operate from it through the straits, rivers, and seas, and the continental and maritime routes. If the Mujahidin take advantage of this geography it would have an immense effect on the campaign against the enemy. The Crusaders use this region to transfer weapons and equipment, they control the straits and seas, and use these routes to shift oil to the rest of the world. Targeting these routes will be fatal for the Crusaders, and will harm their efforts and energies.

• We should also bear in mind that Africa is also one of the closer routes to Palestine, which might serve as direct and indirect support for this conflict. The violent conflict in Darfur against the Crusaders will no doubt create the emergence of the Jihadi trend in Egypt, which will effect the general atmosphere in Egypt, which is a neighbor of Palestine and maintains solid links to the Jews and the Crusaders. It might ease the shift of the Jihad into the regions close to Palestine. It might promote the struggle in Sinai and serve as a motive for more people to join the Jihad. Alongside the growth of the Jihad there will be developments on the doctrinal field from targeting only the Jews in Sinai to targeting them within Palestine, through smuggling weapons and warriors and carrying out operations. It might take a relatively long period but it is the time to start hotfiring a circle of fire around Palestine from every side. Iraq is also close to Palestine, and the wars there support at present the Jihad in Palestine as well, and will turn in the near future into a direct support and practical involvement in this Jihad.

• One of the prominent advantages of Africa is the general condition of poverty and the social needs in most countries. It will enable the Mujahidin to provide some finance and welfare, thus, posting there some of their influential operatives.

• Many of the African people have broad education and scientific progress. If they join the ranks of the Mujahidin they could contribute a lot to the Jihad.

• Most of the people of this continent are Muslims. The most famous Islamic trend, which the Mujahidin can approach, is the various Sufi groups. The Sufis have no doubt a huge presence in Africa, more than in any other continent. Many Mujahidin in other countries have learned that working with the Sufis is easier than working with any other trend, such as the Shi`is or the Communists. The Christian presence in this region is weak, they are not able to attack the Muslims, and if they did so it would be easy to defeat them.

• There are in Africa nests of continuing conflicts between the true Muslims and their rivals, such as in Somalia, Algeria, or the Christians of Southern Sudan. There is potential of the renewal of the conflict in Egypt, especially if the government goes on with its oppression as a reply to the operations. It might lead to an explosion, whose signs are already seen.

• Another advantage is the links to Europe through North Africa, what eases the move from there to carry out attacks.

• Last advantage is the fact that Africa is rich in economic sources, oil and raw materials. This is very useful for the Mujahidin in the medium and long term.

In general, this continent has an immense significance. Whoever looks at Africa can see that it does not enjoy the interest, efforts, and activity it deserves in the war against the Crusaders. This is a continent with a lot of potential, advantages, and exploiting this potential will benefit the Jihad a lot. It will promote achieving the expected targets of Jihad. Africa is a fertile soil for the advance of Jihad and the Jihadi trend.


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