blackhippychick | 06/14/2006 | Farmers, activists evicted from site

In Uncategorized on June 14, 2006 at 3:59 pm | 06/14/2006 | Farmers, activists evicted from site

Activists had farmed 14 acres of land in Los Angeles for over fourteen years, initially the city had purchased the land for a trash incinerator, however activists protested the incinerator and established a farm in the area instead. However, the city recently sold the land back to the original owner for five million dollars. The owner in turn is trying to resell the land to the activists for sixteen million dollars. This is a case of government not truly representing the interests of the people. While some say they think that a warehouse planned for the land will bring jobs. The most obvious problem here is that the “people” had found a use for the space and had made it a public space that evidently worked in this neighborhood. The government instead of embracing an area that the people chose to use as a public space chose to overide the will and the rights of the citizens.


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