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You can always tell when an election is up ahead the Republicans try to trot out some polarizing social issue: gay marriage, abortion, euthanasia, and the merits of a living will. This election season I am not having it. I don’t care who anyone marries, again for the fourth election season republicans are pulling out the Gay Marriage issue.

The republican government has put on the table a definition of what marriage is and is not. From reading the bible we know that homosexuality has been in the world since the dawn of man, and probably was right with the dawn of man as they tried to figure out what the various openings on a persons body were for. Though this bill may pass it seems awfully unconstitutional to tell adults what they can and can not do. I don’t care how many snippets of film are passed before my eyes of same sex couples kissing each other in the mouth on the nightly news with my two children watching and my praying that they will not see it, which this time they did not because they were busy harassing each other. I am not going to change my position. I don’t care who two adults choose to marry.

I am also aware of the enormous contributions that homosexuals have created in all societies since the dawn of time and I know they are not going away. As for George Bush publicly taking a stand against homosexuals it is quite surprising since he has refrained from this in the past. It is disturbing that Mr. Bush has decided to take a stance on this issue considering the Nazi past of his ancestor Prescott Bush. The Nazis wanted to exterminate homosexuals, Jews, Gypsies, the handicapped and basically any and everyone that was not pure perfect Aryan. It has always been strange that the Japanese entered on the side of the Nazis, however I am convinced that if the Nazis had won the war, I am pretty sure they would have found concentration camps to put the Japanese in eventually.

In any event President Bush and his Republican colleagues are obviously leaning towards sexual intolerance and already have totally taken our country down the road of religious intolerance. I am totally ashamed of this country and what it stands for in this time of history. I don’t think we’ve had such corrupt people in office since the twenties who were so obviously greedy and clannish. All they do is sit around and think ugly things and ugly thoughts about groups of individuals.

Instead of taking the time to do something productive like work for lower gas prices, make sure that adequate policies are put into place in case of natural disasters, create jobs, create a workable immigration policy, analyze how the answer to 911 is; well we just had so many reports of incidents happening we just ignored some of them, and this was one of them. can be an acceptable answer and then trying to dismantle our secret service, when as I’ve said many times they did their job, the break down was at the white house. Obviously if the white house does not have time to read national security warnings they should refrain from trying to legislate what marriage really is.

Finally I would like to say I don’t care what issue is flashed before my eyes this election season I will not be voting for Bush. Honestly I fell for it last time, stem cell research and fetuses was just something that I am totally against, as well as I am very much pro-life in all directions. However I don’t care what issue is flashed across my face, an invasion from Mars :)[anything is possible with this administration], the coming back of the ice age, an invasion by giant bugs, whatever I am not voting for a Republican for president, I most likely will vote for our Republican governor Sonny Purdue, but I will not, shall not, and won’t vote a Republican into the office of the President probably ever again. I am ready to get behind and volunteer for any democratic candidate at this point. Just get the Republicans the hell out of the white house.

Get the Fuck Out and Don’t Come Back!

#####not edited for anything today, just be lucky that I could get out a thought 🙂


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