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I did graduate from college unfortunately it was not an HBCU but a predominately White Southern University that were strict adherent’s to policies and guidelines. One thing I can say about the University I graduated from is that I could say and write about anything. I heard a lot from all sides, my university once boasted of having the largest chapter of College Republicans among all Colleges and Universities. I was a Political Science major so my classes were filled mostly with white males.

I had professors that were extreme liberals and extreme conservatives and some that were in the middle and I can honestly say I learned from them all. I suppose the biggest shocker was from one of the more conservative professors who taught Locke. He did a “damn” good job of teaching Locke. I have retained Locke! Another really wonderful history professor taught me about United States History not just from the point of view of Blacks and Whites,but added Asians, and Hispanics into the mix also; from the point of view of some, it was a really difficult class that involved lots of reading, daily position papers and an extremely hard exam but I learned a lot. While I did not have many African American professors unless a took a class about African Americans,and then I was paranoid because I was afraid that some of them knew about the incident at Hampton University. I cross registered at a local University and the way one African American professor treated me I could have sworn he knew about the incident, when it was my turn to present he even brought a friend along to see me present, which I suppose happens, but in a class of eight it was quite intimidating since he interrupted everything I said with harsh questioning, which I had experienced before, but he would not even let me get my point across. I suppose I should have taken a cue when the class began with six white males and every one of them dropped the class after seeing this professor. In any event, I had a really awesome African American professor in a sociology class that I took entitled majority minority relations, this was another class viewed as extremely difficult when taken with this professor but I can honestly say that any person who took a class under this individual could grasp the current immigrant situation now, as well as other issues affecting majority minority relations in various ways income, race, sexuality, etc.

Even so it took me a long time to graduate my foreign language of French and my science of Biology almost had me a college dropout which I was determined not to be 1) because I wanted to apply to law school and 2) because African Americans value an education more so I think than others.

I finally changed to a different science geology and evidently the department must have been using the book and their notes to teach from because there was material from the book on the test, not some information that had no general applicability to the general subject of the science itself as in biology; meaning what was on the test was general knowledge that most geology departments would put on a test.

In any event despite the obstacles which were more than I’ve written on this blog;

I graduated

When I was an entering freshman at Hampton University we had a seminar where one of the Deans told us something to the effect if you don’t graduate from here you won’t graduate from anywhere, well I did graduate from the third largest college in my state in a state with many colleges. I consider myself fortunate to have graduated from college period, but I value my degree so highly because it was an honest battle to achieve it.

Finally, I also took a film class at my college that was extremely difficult a friend had told me that he had taken the class and it would be real easy. My friend did not have the professor I had. Unfortunately the first thing out of this mans mouth was something about a screen guild test and how hard it was. Well we did not take the screen guild test, we took his tests and they were hard, his test was so hard that I did not just write down notes from the book but I literally wrote down everything from the book when studying for the test so I could remember and retain information and so my reading or note taking would not miss a phrase that he might decide to put on the test that I had missed. I don’t believe anyone received an A on a test in that class. He may have curved for some but not for me. Finally his tests were so hard the “Asians” would come up to me after a test and we would try to remember what we had answered on particular questions to see if we had gotten them right or not, if our answers matched, we most likely got the questions right if not we had to wait until our papers were graded to see if we had gotten the questions wrong or correct.

In any event the article in which my name was mentioned in reference to a campus incident at Hampton University made it very important that I discuss positive experiences regarding my education. The University I graduated from was not all Roses but they had policies and procedures, as well as forms that would help you get problems solved.


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