Wired News: Stumbling Into a Spy Scandal

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Wired News: Stumbling Into a Spy Scandal:

“In December 2005, following The New York Times’ revelation — and government confirmation — that the National Security Agency was engaged in warrantless surveillance of Americans’ overseas calls, and e-mails to and from people suspected of ties to al-Qaida, Klein revised his thesis.
‘But now it’s been revealed by The New York Times that the spying program is vastly bigger and was directly authorized by President Bush, as he himself has now admitted, in flagrant violation of specific statutes and constitutional protections for civil liberties,’ Klein wrote. ‘I am presenting this information to facilitate the dismantling of this dangerous Orwellian project.’
Klein noted that only persons with a clearance from the NSA could enter this room.
Included in Klein’s statement are snippets of wiring diagrams stamped ‘AT&T Proprietary,’ several photos of Room 641A in AT&T’s switching center at 611 Folsom St., and copies of web pages showing that Narus had sponsored a 2003 conference where industry and law enforcement discussed internet surveillance and phone wiretapping.
Klein showed up at the Electronic Frontier Foundation unannounced in late January with documents in hand. At the time, the EFF was already preparing a class-action lawsuit against AT&T for allegedly turning over customer phone-record data to the NSA — relying on reporting from the Los Angeles Times about AT&T giving the NSA access to a phone-record database with 1.88 trillion entries.
The EFF later filed an affidavit from Klein, along with the full wiring documents and an evaluation of those documents by a former FCC internet specialist, under temporary seal in U.S. District Court. AT&T has told the court it wants the documents returned, and both parties will argue their positions before U.S. District Co”

The above is a snippet from the wired article. The wired posting includes pictures of the spy room and a description of the companies participating in the spying. It states that at&T had this operation set up to spy on trillions of people. This is the most in depth of this discussion yet. The article also states that the Bush administration has taken full responsibility for it. The Bush administration has taken responsibility for doing so many covert and illegal things under the name of Al quaeda, I am beginning to question whether al quaeda actually exists and suspect that the destruction of the World Trade Center may have been an inside job. I am becoming more and more convinced that the Bush administration was in on the world trade center destruction. I think Bin Laden is propaganda. George Orwell States in his book 1984 that the populace participated in a ritual called the five minute hate where the governement would flash a made up enemy before the screen and the people would react for five minutes in hate and disgust, according to this book no one could ever find this enemy, no one could ever confirm the awful things this enemy did for sure this enemy was just hated and when his juice ran out they found another enemy.
As for Verizon and bellsouth stating they were not involved in wiretapping this is covered in double speak and another term in 1984, its been several years since I read the book so I can’t remember all of the terms but its something to the effect of saying and stating one thing and then turning around and denying that what was said or done never happened, even to the point of going back and rewriting old documents. I think the process was so sophisticated that the people were even able to wipe someone’s existence off the map to the point of that they were never born.

Finally my stand is this and I have to take one. I don’t believe that Bush or the majority of Republicans have been fairly elected. I believe that this country has an innate value system with respect for justice, liberty, and equality for all. I believe the Bush administration is totally against what this country stands for. I believe it is a totalitarian government, justifying its behavior for close to seven years on one incident which is beginning to look highly suspicious. The question is did the “honest” “hardworking” secret service fail us if it was Bin Laden who destroyed the World Trade Center. The honest answer is no, the secret service presented the information to the Bush Administration, they chose to ignore the information that there was an imminent attack from al quaeda coming. I know of people who received anonymous calls not to get on an airplane during the time, it has been publicly stated that it was all over the internet that an attack was coming. The bottom line is our rights do not need to be taken away because the Bush administration failed to take the warning seriously, but the Bush administration needs to be blamed for the attack because they did not take action. To repeat myself, everyone did their jobs but the Bush administration. 1. The secret service warned Rice and Bush in a National Security Briefing that an attack was imminent 2. The bush administration ignored it. The bush administration has used this incident to come up with some pretty elaborate changes to our government structures which are frankly anti American and suspicious, when we still are not safe from some creative attacker.

At this point I am about to go on a tangent about this subject forgive me…………Well maybe not.


Finally, near the end of Bush’s term one should tell love ones to avoid traveling in mass transit for the last year. We don’t won’t a tragic accident to take our loved ones away so that “they” can justify why our country still needs “them” or why a shadow government which has already been discussed after 911 and “they” may have already established it after 911 they’ve used 911 to establish a whole wish list of totalianariam activities, organizations, and structures.


may take it too far and we may all realize they did it, They did it. High five to Cynthia McKinney, it was “too convenient how everything fell into place”.


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