Misfeasance, Malfeasance and nonfeasance

In Uncategorized on May 27, 2006 at 7:29 pm

Many years ago when I was a policy debater and debated issues of policy for a school season, I had to consider the issue of removing nonfeasant, misfeasant, and malfeasant individuals who could not, would not, or just plain did not know how to carry through policies and plans that were passed as official policies. As we look at the Bush administration and their attempted dismantling of structures that have been running efficiently for decades, we must wake up and tell ourselves that the problem is not “our government” but the current presidential administration. When someone in the Bush administration failed to take seriously the warnings about terrorists before 911, the obvious breakdown did not happen in the secret service requiring the establishment of a new organization – homeland security, the breakdown happened at the presidents desk. When FEMA was not able to address the needs of hundreds of thousands of hurricane victims it was not the fault of FEMA workers but the fault of the Bush appointed FEMA head who was more concerned with his wardrobe and thought that CNN rather then state and Federal Sources was the place he was supposed to get his news about disasters from. The breakdown did not occur at FEMA it occurred when the president confirmed this individual at his desk. There is nothing wrong with America only the current administration in office. As long as congress allows duck soup appointees to keep getting appointed the duties of the government will not be done.


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