MCF: McKinney Classic

In Uncategorized on May 7, 2006 at 8:10 am

MCF: McKinney Classic Microwave Harassment and mind Control Experimentation

Several articles that I have read so far reference this article. I found the discussion of street theatre particular interesting. Can rude treatment possibly be someone attempting to prepare you for a mind control experiment? Are there groups pf individuals so willing to harass others that they agree to participate. I am highly skeptical that there are people like that out there, for if there are it means that Hitler’s holocaust was not just some sort of exceptional warp of human nature but is deeply ingrained in many men’ s characters. Can someone be so desperate for the things of this world that they are willing to torment others. I seriously hope not.

In any case conspiracies are always worth looking at. Especially since some have tried to argue that the holocaust was a conspiracy theory. The fact that someone even tried to argue that the holocaust never happened and it was a conspiracy theory is extremely bone chilling to me. From a recent PBS episode on the holocaust which showed that the Nazis ordered that the concentration camps be burnt down and records destroyed as the allies were advancing on the concentration camps leads me to believe that the Nazis may have actually planned to cover up the extermination of over 2 million people. If they could have, they may have actually argued conspiracy and said these people died during an allied bombing or some other made up story. In any event conspiracy theories to me should be treated like “where there is smoke there is fire”


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