blackhippychick | Sadness and Glee at Harvard Writer’s Fall

In Uncategorized on April 29, 2006 at 10:38 pm Sadness and Glee at Harvard Writer’s Fall
Did the Harvard sophomore plaigiraize the words of another?

Envy oh sweet envy.

If this young woman did intentionally take passages from another book, the only thing I can say is I thought People from Harvard were smarter then that. In a world where people actually “read”, taking anothers words or ideas is difficult and problematic. However I can buy that she mistakenly retained the other writers words, if she read the book over and over.

However the shark like attitude of the students at Harvard becuase she received a book deal is perplexing. In some other world a book deal by a student would be a feather to add to the University’s cap and students who planned on being an alumnus would embrace her success and say I’m glad I chose this University——but this did not happen. Why Oh Why did the undergrad class kick themselves in the teeth, bringing questions upon all of them and their honesty and whether the right admission decisons in all cases had been made.


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