Lacrosse and Rape

In Uncategorized on April 6, 2006 at 1:14 pm

When I graduated from high school I know that Duke admitted a significant number of African American students from my graduating class. I am saddened to learn that the Lacrossse coaches recruiting methods have marred the very good name of Duke University.

I ca nhonestly say that the Rape of an exotic dancer by Duke University players was a story that almost escaped my notice. When Iheard about the story it seemed so much of a repeat of what’s happening around the country college athletes raping coeds. So when I would see the story in the headlines I would just notlook at it. Furthermore the fact that the victim was an exotic dancer made me question what exactly happened. However last night as I watched the Nancy Grace show, I think this is her name. I was horrified atwhat I heard concerning the rape and torture of an African American woman by a Lacrosse Team at Duke University. Here are two facts that made it obvious to me the womanhad been raped:

  1. When police raided the Lacrosse house they found the victims fingernails torn of and on the bathroom floor of the house
  2. The vicitm left her cell phone , her money and her purse in the house -never to return to get the.

Finally two things that lead me to believe that the crimes may have been racially motivated is when making a call to order an exotic dancer they specifically asked for an African American. Second of all after the incident an email was sent discussing tearing the skin off of another exotic dancer that they might aquire. These individuals are monster snd as long as they are on the street in Raleigh/Durham North Carolina no woman is safe. I have not heard of such torturous treatement of anyone since Geoffrey Dahmer. These men need to be put away for a long time. They have eleven attorneys. Even as a parent I can not see condoning the horrible things that have been done to this young woman. Let’s put it this wasy if the parent pay for the attorneys and defense of these men they are leaving themselves wide open for a civil suit. If they can pay attorneys to get them off. They had better be prepared to defend themselves in a civil suit. Disgusting and Creepy. ****not checked for spelling or standard English SORRY!


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