I am mourning for Cynthia Mckinney

In Uncategorized on April 6, 2006 at 9:01 pm

I have observed the treatment of Cynthia Mckinney and it is absolutely heartbreaking. The way that she’s being treated brings visions of Hurrican Katrina up in my mind all over again. It’s not even what’s happening but the derisive way that she’s being treated whischis very disturbing to me. I voted for Cynthia and what people son’t realize is that when they snarl at her they are snarling at me her constiuent. The Soledad Obrien show ws totally off the hook. Soldedad was very disrespectful towards a sitting congresswoman and I will be writing the network to show my displeasure. At one point Soledad said this is my show you answer the questions that I ask you. “Totally Unprofessional for a Newscaster” HOney you are not Oprah. This is a silly CNN show and half the world does not know your name and if you don’t beleive me you try running for congress and see if you get elected. Cynthia is us and she represents us. The head of the captital police admits that she was grabbed. At one point he said the congresswoman was grabbed and then at another point he said that she was pulled. As for the congressional pin it is a tiny pin you can barely see it with a closeup on TV let alone several feet away. Trust me even if she would have had the pin this still would have happened. As for did she hit anyone or not and the “crime” of hitting a police officer. I’m sure they have been hit before by drunk “folks” congressional members, staffers etc. This is not the only time a capital police has been hit. If their ever was a high tech lynching it is of Cynthia. Still Cynthia we want some pork, bring some pork home that’s what we are looking for.

If this becomes an issue where Cynthia can not run at this point I am only prepared to put Vernon Jones in her place. Our much aligned CEO of Dekalb County. In no way for or shape will I vote for the person that has already declared themself because I think Cynthia was set up.

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